Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday my peeps!  How the heck are you?  How was your weekend?  Do anything fun?  We did a lot of getting things ready for our upcoming vacation mainly.  On Friday night my daughter went to a Sweet 16 party and then I went to some friends house and hung out for a while.  On Saturday morning it started out with me having a mammogram and a bone density test which was NOT fun to say the least.  At least the bone density test was only an x-ray - sheesh! :o(  Then I came home and began working on things around the house - figuring up our checkbook, painting some eggs and reworking some of my Spring and Easter decorations and that sort of thing.  Then we hung out for the night and just relaxed.  Yesterday morning, the hubster had to go to work all day and me and the kiddos got up and started working on things around the house - laundry, cleaning, packing, that sort of thing.  I worked non-stop from 9:30 a.m. until 5:00 without sitting down.  I was on a roll and was cleaning out and organizing my bedroom closet, my dresser, and even my bathroom closet.  I donated and threw away so.much.crap! Those three spaces look SO MUCH better now and I'm so glad I got it all done. :o)

Then about 5:00 my husby decided to rent the movie "The Blind Side" on On Demand and so we sat down, had dinner and watched the movie.  All I can say is - OMG!  If you have NOT seen this movie - RUN - don't walk and watch it! I promise you will NOT be disappointed and will truly enjoy it.  Tim McGraw and Sandra Bullock do such an awesome job in this movie that I can't believe we've waited til now to see it.  It is so heartwarming and makes me want to go and give Michael Ohr and the family that this movie is based on a HUGE HUG!  This family is truly a very Christian family and I am so proud for all of them and it shows how God means for all of us to live our lives. 
This is the week we go on vacation and I.can't.wait!  Today I have to take off early to take my daughter to the doctor, then Tuesday and Wednesday are busy days and then our plan is to leave on either Thursday night or early early Friday morning.  We are headed back to Arkansas for our kid's Spring Break so we can see our family and friends.  We've not seen them in forever.  We are spending Easter Sunday with Steven's mom and her husband and his kids and then on to our other families for the week.  Wednesday we are going to be in Hot Springs at the horse track spending the day with my mom and our friends and enjoying the day.  I'm not real sure what we are doing the rest of the week, but I know it will be fun regardless just because we are going to be out of Jersey and back "home".

Today and tomorrow are going to be extremely nasty, nasty days - rain wise.  The rest of the week is supposed to be dry and beautiful and actually in the 70 degree temps - I just hope that's how nice and warm it is in Arkansas next week too.  We will see - keep your fingers crossed for us! :o)

Well, I am babbling so I will stop now and quit boring you - LOL.  I hope that you've had a great weekend and have an even better week.  I have lunch plans tomorrow with the wonderful and lovely Summer over at B is for Brown and I can't wait!  I haven't seen her in such a long time and I've really missed her!  I will have to remember my camera so I can get a picture of us too.  If you've not been to her blog - go check her out - she's a real southern sweetheart who you will fall in love with like me and the rest of her followers have. :o)

Much love and hugs,


  1. what a busy weekend.. have a great time on your vaction

  2. Hope you enjoy that vacation, it certainly sounds like you need a good break after your busy week-end.. I'm so looking forward to seeing The Blind Side, it looks like an amazing film.

  3. I watched "Up in the Air" and "500 Days of Summer" this weekend. They were both really good. I haven't seen "The Blind Side" yet, but I can't wait!! :)

  4. We watched Blind Side this weekend too {I'd already saw it} but it was AMAZING even still!!!

  5. jeepers, you'll need a break just to recoop from the weekend,lol

    Happy Monday my wonderful friend;)

  6. Suppose to be 80 here Thursday!! I hope we have the best weather ever while your here! Have fun and be safe.

  7. Just saw The Blind Side this week myself. Excellent movie.

  8. Isn't the Blind Side amazing.... ?? Gave me goosebumps. Just love it.

    Soooo jealous you get to have lunch with Sum Sum tomorrow. ENJOY!!!


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