Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy 15 year anniversary to...

the love of my life!  I love you and look forward to many more wonderful years ahead with you, babe!

Lots of love and hugs,

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pumpkin Contest - Need Votes!

Good morning my peeps!  Hope you are all doing well.  The pumpkin contest is now being judged by our peers.  So I was wondering if you wouldn't mind - could you go and do a "LIKE" for me on my pumpkin?  That's how they are voting for the winners - whoever gets the most votes wins! 

Here is the link to click on (I think you have to have a Facebook in order to vote but not sure).  

Thanks guys and dolls!  Have an awesome day! :)

Lots of love and hugs,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Happy Tuesday my peeps!  How are you?  How was your Monday?  Great, I hope!  Mine was good - nothing too special but not bad either for a Monday - so that's a win/win - right?! :)  A couple that I met on July 4th at the pool and have talked to off and on since then invited us to dinner last night but hubby was working so I went without him - ha ha   We had a really great time and it was nice to be so spontaneous for a change.  Tonight, however, the 4 of us are going to eat at Red Lobster or someplace like that.  Can't wait - looking forward to great company (again) and yummy food (again).  :)
On another note, our apartment complex decided to do a pumpkin decorating contest for the residents this year and we could do anything except carve - whoever the 3 winners were would be displayed there in the office until Halloween so they didn't want the pumpkins rotting - hence the no carving. :) 
I didn't have a lot of time available this weekend to do one - so I kind of threw one together at the last minute.  When I took mine to the office today there were some already there and displayed that were really cute.  I don't know that I will stand a chance to win or even place but I had fun doing it at least!  And... it's one that I found on Pinterest that I'd been wanting to try out for a while anyway. :)  The one on Pinterest was just of the Houndstooth design - I came up with the rest of this one here.
Sooo... tell me what you think - does it look okay or does it look "thrown" together - ha!  (excuse the office stuff - I had to take it to work and finish it up yesterday morning) And I couldn't get a bow to work on it so I had to do the ribbon this way instead. :)  Oh and for those who can't tell or who don't do pinterest - that is Houndstooth DUCT TAPE - yep - DUCT TAPE! :) 
So what'd ya think?  Oh - and the winners will receive as follows:  1st place - $75 off next month's rent, 2nd place - $50 off next month's rent and 3rd place - $25 off next month's rent.  Again, I don't think I stand a chance of winning - but had fun doing it anyway. 
Hope you have a great day and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :)
Lots of love and hugs,

Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday guys and dolls!  How was your weekend?  Great, I hope!  Ours was good but filled with so much stuff that we were super busy and it went by way too fast for my liking! HA!  Friday night we did our normal, weekly paying of bills, etc.  On Saturday we slept in until about 9:30 and got up and started on the housework, and running of errands.  We had planned to watch our beloved HOGS whoop up on the Kentucky Wildcats but unfortunately, for some DUMB reason, they had it blacked out in our area and we couldn't even get it on the radio.  We had to finally go to the Kentucky athletics website just to be able to hear the game.  Well they kicked some booty alright - they won the game 49 to 7 and it would have been an even bigger whoopin if the refs hadn't called the game with 5:08 left in the 3rd quarter due to thunderstorms and lightning! On Sunday, both the hubby and son had to be at work by 8 a.m. so I was able to get up with them about 7 and get my day started.  I got a LOT done with them gone! :) Here's the breakdown of just my morning:
1.  Start Coffee (first and foremost)
2.  Laundry
3.  Order Christmas cards (normally make them, but just won't have time)
4.  Refill Prescription online
5.  Total up checkbook from spending over weekend
6.  Cleaned out emails
7.  Worked on getting brother-in-law's graduation gift (from MAY) completed
8.  Cooked for upcoming week
9.  Made cookies for boss's day and
10. Put hot tub in paper and on craigslist for sale
Whew - I'm tired just thinking about all I got accomplished - but man was it nice to feel productive for a change! :)  It's amazing at what I can get done when I don't sleep my day away and have no one at home to interrupt me - LOL
How was your weekend?  Catch me up and tell me how you spent your time.  Oh and just because I hate having a post here without a picture - here's one for the fall to make you smile:
Would love for this to be MY driveway right now :)
Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day! 
Lots of love and hugs,

Friday, October 12, 2012

Crockpotalooza 2

Happy TGIF!!! Today I am joining up with Kelly from Kelly's Korner for Crockpotalooza 2.  If you've not visited her blog yet, be sure to run - she has a great one and is a wonderful Christian woman who happens to also be from The Fayetteville area. :)

Anyway, today everyone is posting their favorite crockpot recipes.  Here is one of my favorite recipes that I make several times during the year for these upcoming Fall temperatures.  I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I do. :)

Hamburger Veggie Soup

Ground beef
McCormick's Garlic Salt (with Parsley)
Salt and Pepper
Large bottle of V-8 juice
Diced potatoes (about 4 or 5 depending on how big your pot is)
Chopped Onion

Brown the ground beef (however much you want to make), drain it then season it before you add your veggies and juice. (You can also add the onion while cooking if you prefer)

Throw in whatever veggies your family likes.  I use the mixed veggies and sometimes I add an extra can of whole kernel corn, green beans and carrots. 

Add the bottle of V-8 juice and mix everything together.  Cook in your crockpot all day and serve with cornbread or crackers - whichever your family prefers. :)

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by to say hello!  Be sure to check out the other crockpot recipes over at Kelly's blog today and join in, if you'd like to participate! :)

Lots of love and hugs,

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blog Day of Silence

For those who don't know him, he was a television anchor back home in Arkansas.  He was killed in a car wreck a few nights back.  Please pray for his wife, Julee Turner - today is Matt's funeral.

Thanks for stopping by to say hello and hug your loved ones extra tight tonight

Lots of love and hugs,

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Saturday! :) Final Portland OR photos

Happy Saturday my sweets!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend thus far.  We are actually in Arkansas taking care of our rent house and visiting with our baby girl and her boyfriend.  However, as promised, here are your final pictures of our Portland trip.  These were all taken from the air and unfortunately, since they were taken on my actual camera, I wasn't able to tag them to know where we were over each place.  I hope you enjoy them though.  It was some gorgeous scenery to say the least.  But be prepared - today is Picture overload! :)

See... I told you - lots of photos!  I hope you've enjoyed all of the pictures over the past 2 weeks.  I always seem to take way more pictures than the average person - but I can never decide on which ones I want or like the best.  So I guess it's better to take too many than not enough and missing some beautiful scenery, right? :)

Have a great rest of the weekend my peeps!  See you on the flip side! :)

Lots of love and hugs,