Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Saturday! :) Final Portland OR photos

Happy Saturday my sweets!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend thus far.  We are actually in Arkansas taking care of our rent house and visiting with our baby girl and her boyfriend.  However, as promised, here are your final pictures of our Portland trip.  These were all taken from the air and unfortunately, since they were taken on my actual camera, I wasn't able to tag them to know where we were over each place.  I hope you enjoy them though.  It was some gorgeous scenery to say the least.  But be prepared - today is Picture overload! :)

See... I told you - lots of photos!  I hope you've enjoyed all of the pictures over the past 2 weeks.  I always seem to take way more pictures than the average person - but I can never decide on which ones I want or like the best.  So I guess it's better to take too many than not enough and missing some beautiful scenery, right? :)

Have a great rest of the weekend my peeps!  See you on the flip side! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. ooh, wonderful the misty look to them.

    thanks so much for sharing and hope your weekend is going super my sweet friend!


    p.s. i tend to take lots of photos too for the exact same reason.

  2. like you we always take loads of photos - thank goodness for the digital camera, carrying around canisters full of film is a nightmare.


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