Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday guys and dolls!  How was your weekend?  Great, I hope!  Ours was good but filled with so much stuff that we were super busy and it went by way too fast for my liking! HA!  Friday night we did our normal, weekly paying of bills, etc.  On Saturday we slept in until about 9:30 and got up and started on the housework, and running of errands.  We had planned to watch our beloved HOGS whoop up on the Kentucky Wildcats but unfortunately, for some DUMB reason, they had it blacked out in our area and we couldn't even get it on the radio.  We had to finally go to the Kentucky athletics website just to be able to hear the game.  Well they kicked some booty alright - they won the game 49 to 7 and it would have been an even bigger whoopin if the refs hadn't called the game with 5:08 left in the 3rd quarter due to thunderstorms and lightning! On Sunday, both the hubby and son had to be at work by 8 a.m. so I was able to get up with them about 7 and get my day started.  I got a LOT done with them gone! :) Here's the breakdown of just my morning:
1.  Start Coffee (first and foremost)
2.  Laundry
3.  Order Christmas cards (normally make them, but just won't have time)
4.  Refill Prescription online
5.  Total up checkbook from spending over weekend
6.  Cleaned out emails
7.  Worked on getting brother-in-law's graduation gift (from MAY) completed
8.  Cooked for upcoming week
9.  Made cookies for boss's day and
10. Put hot tub in paper and on craigslist for sale
Whew - I'm tired just thinking about all I got accomplished - but man was it nice to feel productive for a change! :)  It's amazing at what I can get done when I don't sleep my day away and have no one at home to interrupt me - LOL
How was your weekend?  Catch me up and tell me how you spent your time.  Oh and just because I hate having a post here without a picture - here's one for the fall to make you smile:
Would love for this to be MY driveway right now :)
Thanks again for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day! 
Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I got tired just reading your

    gosh that pic is beautiful :)

  2. My you did have a busy weekend. Mine was spent reading and catching up with our families with some tv in between.

  3. good morning sweet friend!

    what monkey said.

    gosh, looks like your weekend was a really busy one!
    #8 (cook for upcoming week) sounds like a great idea too.
    as for me i had a pretty low key weekend...and i ended it with a walk in the local park.

    wish you a great day from start to finish~



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