Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Vacation Time and Finish This Linkup

Happy Hump Day ya'll!  TWO more desk days until I am OFFICIALLY on vacation for a total of 9 whole days - OMG I can NOT wait!  We have had this trip planned since February this year and it has been a LONGGGG time coming for sure!  We are headed on a cruise to Hondurus, Belize and Cozumel for 8 glorious days and 7 wonderful nights.  Hubby and I are celebrating our 17 year anniversary and our besties who are going with us are celebrating their 20th year anniversary and his birthday.  Anyway, needless to say, I will be out of pocket again for those 9 days and hope to catch up after that and get back on a regular blogging schedule going into the Fall.  Hard to believe it is middle of September already and all I can think of is SUN, SUN and MORE SUN this next week.  You can bet I will be taking a TON of pictures on our trip to share here when we return. :)  

On another note.... here is another Finish This Linkup with LISA (Coastlined),  JEN (The Arizona Russums), BECKY (The Java Mama) and NICOLE (Three 31).  The link up instructions are simple:  answer the prompts in a post on your blog. 

1.  I am the type of person who:  Tries to see the good in everyone no matter what the situation is.  I try to befriend everyone as I am a very friendly person, but some people just aren't up for being befriended - even co-workers sometimes, which really sucks.  Especially when I am in a place where I literally and look for people with a common bond...

2.  My favorite joke, riddle, or funny is:  I'm totally stumped on this one and don't have a clue - though I LOVE stand up comedians and love a lot of their jokes so I guess that counts, right?! :)

3.  All that really matters is: Faith, Family and Friends (borrowed this one from (aka Becky) because she was spot on, on this, I thought!  Living life to the fullest, being happy and having your Faith, Family and Friends is definitely what life is truly all about, I think.                   

Well, thanks for stopping by to say hello and be sure to link up if you want to play along with the Finish This Linkup this week.  Have a great rest of the week, weekend and week ahead and I will see you on the Flip side after my luxurious vacation with my hubby and friends.                                              

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Yea, have fun on your cruise! When I went to Cancun, we took a ferry to Cozumel for the day and snorkeled. It was AMAZEBALLS. Seriously, the tour guide had to drag me out of the water when it was time to leave. I didn't want to go! I could have stayed and swam with the fish forever. ENJOY! And happy anniversary too. :)

  2. Hi, fellow transplanted Texan! Feeling pretty jealous of your 9 days of vacation. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I love stand-up comedians too, but I only know one joke - I can never remember them even if they make me laugh til I cry!

  3. Way to take the high road - looking for the positive in others. Imagine what the world would be like if we all did this.

  4. Enjoy your vacation!


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