Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'M BACK! Didja Miss Me? :)

Happy Wednesday my peeps and welcome to Hump Day! :)  Wow - can you believe it's already October?  Sheesh!  Where has this year gone?!!  I'm sorry that I've been MIA again lately but life has.....well - thrown a few curves at me lately.  Everything is going wonderful in the marriage department finally - YAY!  So that is one thing off my plate - but.... the other thing that has been an issue is that I went to the ER on Wednesday morning of last week and then was in the hospital overnight until Thursday morning.  I went in thinking I was having an appendix attack but they were able to rule that completely out thankfully.  BUT something is still wrong and we are thinking it's more of a gallbladder issue - blah.... I go back this Friday morning for a radioactive test to scan my gallbladder to see if it is functioning properly or not.  Then I go back the following Tuesday to my dr. to get the results. 

I have a few gripes and complaints with my hospital and the drs. that took care of me during my stay.  I was there from Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. until Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m.  The ER doctor couldn't figure out WHAT was wrong with me after running blood tests, etc., so he called in a SURGEON to come check me out - good grief!  Anyway, the surgeon ordered more blood tests, a CT Scan and an ultrasound of my gallbladder.  The results all came back normal.  My poor husband was out of State and had to drive home once they told me I was being admitted to the hospital.  He was out of state for a conference for work.  He felt so awful that he wasn't there to take me to the hospital that morning.  Luckily my son was there to go with me though - thank goodness! :) 

Anyway - I will fill you in on the details later when I know what the results are.  I am hoping that it IS my gallbladder so I can get it taken out and MOVE ON - it's so frustrating being in pain and sick and feeling downright puny all of the time - especially when I am an ON THE MOVE kinda girl! :) 

Thanks for sticking with me and not giving up on me during my downtime - I really needed that bloggy break to refocus myself and get my priorities back in order.  I hope that you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by to say hi and catch up with me.  On another note - I am leaving you with this funny - I hope you enjoy it - it was too cute to pass up! LOL

Ha ha! 

 Lots of love and hugs,


  1. You have been missed my friend...I'm sending good thoughts, love and light your way...


  2. I'm sorry that you have been in pain - I so hope they figure it out soon. And I'm thrilled to hear your marriage is back on track! Welcome, welcome back!! :)

  3. YAY!
    i'm SO happy and excited to hear that everything is going wonderful in your marriage!
    i knew it! you're such a lovely and awesome young woman and you do deserve happiness in your life!

    aw so sorry to hear you've been in pain:(
    hope they do figure it out really soon!

    sending positive thoughts, hugs and kisses your


  4. Of course you have been missed. Knowing only too well what its like to have an illness undiagnosed (it took a while for the drs to discover Hd's Crohns Disease) I can empathise with what you and your family must have gone through. Fingers (and toes) crossed that they soon sort you out. x


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