Monday, October 24, 2011

Shutterfly’s 2011 Holiday Card Giveaway

Happy Monday my friends!  How are you?  How was your weekend?  Anything fun and exciting happen?  We had a wonderful weekend but a very busy and productive one.  I am totally exhausted today, however - ha!  I can't wait to catch up on your blogs and see what you've been up to the last few days.

On another note, remember last week I told you that I had been contacted by Shutterfly to do a post and giveaway for you - my wonderful readers?  Well, I was and I can't wait to share it with you!

Have you ever heard of Shutterfly?  If so, have you ever used them before?  I have been a member of Shutterfly for so many years now, that I can't even count.  They are a wonderful photo printing website and one that you can save all of your pictures to that will never be deleted, even if you don't order pictures from them.  I, of course, have ordered tons of photos from them over the years, but what I enjoy the most is that I can upload all of my pictures to the internet to their website, and never have to worry about my pictures being deleted by accident, or my computer crashing and losing all of my precious photos. 

This year, I can't wait to use their photo service again to order my Christmas cards though.  It's been a while since we've had a great family photo to use as a Christmas card.  Even before I was contacted for this great give-away - I have been scouring their website in search of the "perfect" card to use.   They have over 929 Christmas card designs to choose from - I mean - WOW - talk about a selection! :)  Some of my favorites include:  The Family Wall, Merry Montage, Wonder of Wonders and Holiday Love Sketch just to name a few.

Here are a few of their holiday product pages for you to go take a look at and see what I mean - you can even make your own photo gifts to give away as presents this year:

holiday cards
Christmas cards
greeting cards
Christmas photo cards
calendars to
photo gifts

And one of the BEST parts is that Shutterfly has agreed to giveaway not only a set of 25 FREE Holiday/Christmas cards to ONE of my lucky readers, but a set of 25 to THREE of my lucky readers! So.... get busy and go check out their website to see which cards you'd love to use for your Christmas/Holidays this year! 

Okay - so now that I've given you most of the exciting news - you're probably wondering how YOU can win this giveaway right? :)  Well, I'm so glad you asked!  Here's all you have to do:


You must be a follower of my blog

Leave me a comment here telling me which is your favorite Christmas or Holiday Card and which one you'd chose if you are one of the winners - 5 entries

Blog about this giveaway on your blogs - 3 entries

Tweet your post on Twitter - 2 entries

That's it - simple!  Easy, peasy - right? :) 

Well, thanks for stopping by my friends to say hello and be sure to check out Shutterfly's awesome website.  Even if you are not one of the lucky winners, I promise you will NOT be disappointed with any of their services!  Like I said, I have used them for many, many years and have never been disappointed with anything I have ever ordered from them.  They are truly one of the best photo websites out there and I am so thrilled that they contacted me for this wonderful promotion!  Now, don't just set there - go check them out and see what I mean!  I will draw a winner this Friday so that gives you plenty of time to order your cards and get them in to send out before the holidays!

One more thing - Are you a blogger? Want a chance at 25 free cards this holiday season? Register here:

Thanks for stopping by to say hello and have a great day!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Not a site I'm familiar with, I'm away over there now.

  2. Me again. And you expect us to pick? What a great variety, I especially love the Glad Tidings card as you don't often see these words on a card. A follower of yours, Sorry I don't Tweet but I shall add this to my FB page as well as the Comp page on my blog. I'm only hoping its an international giveaway.

  3. There are sooooo many gorgeous cards, but I think I'd choose the Initially Yours card. It's classic and beautiful plus it has enough photo frames for all four kids and one of the family. That is hard to find. Usually there aren't enough frames for all the kids! Love that!

  4. I'm your newest follower...found you through FrouFrouBritches :)
    I'm a fellow Southern Girl...from North Carolina!

  5. Oh I forgot to tell you which card I'd's tough but I've narrowed it down to "Make the Mantle" or "Frosted Glass Ornaments".
    I always choose cards that say Merry Christmas rather than Happy Holidays so I had to look at all those many good ones!


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