Friday, January 13, 2012

She Passed! Lookout drivers - stay off the road!

Happy TGIF my friends and welcome to the weekend!  It just did NOT get here quick enough this week - I am literally worn out and exhausted from the last week of traveling, etc.  I would love to have some down time this weekend - maybe... JUST MAYBE I can get my Christmas stuff finally down and put away - yes.... you read that right - my Christmas tree and stuff is STILL UP!  *sigh*  I've just NOT had a chance to get to it because we've been gone traveling and busy in general.  Usually my stuff is packed away by New Year's Day, but not this year.  Oh well... there are worse things in the world to worry about, aren't there?!  Such as....

My daughter passed her written driver's test yesterday... FINALLY - I guess what they say is true - 3rd time's the charm!  Since she's already 18, she only has to wait one month to take her driving part of the test.  YIKES!  I hope she passes with flying colors the first time around but it scares the beejebies out of me at the thought of her driving already! ACK!  Here she is in all of her glory yesterday:
She is SOOO PROUD too!  And she should be since it took the poor child 3 times to get it right! HA!  But... to make matters worse - my 16 yo niece ALSO took her test yesterday and passed as well - this was her 2nd time to take it.  Here she is with my daughter:

Talk about DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!! Me and my sister are terrified now for sure! So... if you live anywhere in the State of Arkansas - look out - and consider this your warning!  There are two more new teenage drivers hitting the streets!  ACK!

Well, I hope that you have a wonderful weekend ahead and can't wait to catch up to see what your plans involve.  We are going out on Saturday night to celebrate my baby sister's 40th birthday and my husband's birthday (he turned 43 yesterday).  Then on Sunday, it looks like we may be hitting the Horse Races and see if we can't win us some BIG money! HA! Yeah.... right!!!! 

Anyway, thanks as always for stopping by to say hello and let me know you were here!  I'm off now to catch up on your blogs for the day!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Well done to your daughter and good luck with her test.

  2. So exciting (and not at all terrifying!). :)


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