Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year

Hi friends - sorry I've not been around very much the past couple of weeks, but as usual, things have been crazy busy at work and I've just not had time to blog.  Add that to the holidays and blogging has been put on the back burner lately.  We leave this Friday night for a family vacation to Colorado and we can hardly wait. It will be us and our 2 grown kiddos.  It may be the last one we ever have as a family of 4, so we are taking it now while we can.  Our son is in college and working full-time so not sure when he will ever have another chance for vacation with the family.  Our daughter lives in a different state and works full-time, so we are just lucky and blessed that she's getting to come along. :)  Anyway, I promise to have plenty of pictures to share with all of you after our trip.  Also, it is my husband's 45th birthday so that's another reason for celebration! :)    

So.... I hope you and your family have a very Happy and safe New Year and please be careful out there tonight.  As you know there are a lot of crazies on the road this time of year.  Hubby and I are going to party it up like we always do by relaxing in bed watching tv - ha ha!  Real party animals here aren't we?! 

See you on the flip side my friends! :)

Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. my dear special friend!

    happy new year! may you enjoy peace, health and happiness in the coming year!

    sending loads and loads of the warmest hugs!


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