Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Words of Random

Hi ya folks! Today I decided to join Stacy Uncorked in her Random Tuesday blog hop.  Come play along, okay?! :)

*  I really do not like my job
*  I am so bored most days
*  I love the people and the firm - but my job, eh... not so much
*  My husband and I are struggling right now as a couple
*  We have begun marriage counseling
*  I won't go into the reasons right now as to why
*  He is coming to take me to lunch today
*  I miss us
*  The World Champion Cheese Dip Competition is this weekend
*  My mom, sister and niece are helping me in the contest and I can't wait
*  Though, I really don't expect to win anything at all
*  Today is another gorgeous and fallish type day
*  Razorbacks are playing Alabama at Alabama this weekend
*  I can't wait until next Tuesday night
*  It is Bunco night
*  Which means - girls night out

Well, there you have it - honest and boring - *sigh*  Hope you are having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by to say hello!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. my dear friend you are never boring:) I think it sounds like you all are still adjusting to the change of moving and such,be patient, things will come around...and in the mean time give yourself a break.

    hugs friend

  2. Things will get better - and if they don't hopefully you can find a more exciting job. I am glad you and your husband are working on things - keep working on it, together. xoxo

  3. Jobs can be boring at times, but in this horrible economy try seeing it as a blessing. Anything good worth saving is worth working for. My prayers are with you & your husband as you seek councelling. That's a positive first step. Enjoy the cheese dip competition. That sounds fun. I love cheese!

    Randoming up,

    What's On Your Mind? Random Thoughts On A Rainy Day

  4. A cheese dip festival? Sounds AWESOME!!!! Have fun!!

  5. I'm so sorry you don't like your new job. Also sorry about you and your Hubby. Hang in there. Um, where is this cheese dip festival. Cheese dip is one of my very favorite things EVER!!!!


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