Thursday, January 14, 2016

Things That Annoy Me Thursday - Husband and Dog Edition

Happy Thursday friends! Hope you're having an awesome week so far.  Today is Amber's weekly, Things That Annoy Me Thursday, so come play along if you'd like! :)

For the record, due to not getting much sleep again last night, I see a lot of this in my future today:

1 - My husband and I going to bed together every night, and within seconds of his head hitting the pillow, he is snoring and in a very deep sleep, while I am laying there trying to block out his snores with a fan and storm, plus earplugs, to no avail, and therefor am left lying awake for an hour or more. And no, I can't go to sleep before him because he always watches tv in our bed at night, so there is still very loud noise.

2 - TV in our bedroom. See #1 above for reason ^.

3 - Male dog that decides once he's done eating, instead of running to the back door like he ALWAYS DOES, he will just go and hike his leg on the cases of bottled water sitting on the floor. GRRRRR...... this happened this morning and I was NOT happy!!! 

4 - Cleaning up said male dog's pee off the floor and cases of water this morning at 5:30! GRRRRR

5 - Waiting on people to make a final decision and get it in writing so that we can move forward in our lives with our plans.  I am not a patient person, therefor, someone else having control of my life in certain ways makes me pretty grumpy.

Actually - THIS is how I'm feeling today - besides tired and cranky, and mad at my male dog:

So there you have it - what annoys you today? Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! :)

Lots of love and hugs,

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