Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Recap - New Year Style

Happy Happy New Year friends! I do hope you had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve and celebrated in style! Wow, talk about a FAST holiday weekend.  I just can't get over the fact that today is already Monday again! This is SO me on Mondays:

Blah... I HATE Monday's! *le sigh*

NYE we went across the street to our neighbors and hung out with everyone, like every weekend practically.  There is always a big get together. There are about 4 of our houses all in a group that hang out and it's SO NICE! I love having good and FUN neighbors to hang out with. :)

And one of our neighbors just had a precious baby boy, so I got in some snuggle time with him since my new grandson lives so far away: 

Fireworks of course were involved: 

The Rockets Red Glare - The Fireworks bursting in air

Even the kiddos got in on the action 

One of our goofy neighbors who was hosting the party 

Of course good drinks were involved 

And selfies with my man 

Friday I got up early and went to Hobby Lobby and got some KILLER deals! I only spent about $75 total and saved over $250!! Here are my finds, which also include finds from Hallmark, Kirklands, Bed, Bath & Beyond and Home Goods. (Those deals weren't as good, but Hobby Lobby's were AWESOME)

Stockings - $2 each (Reg. $12 ea)

Hog Ornament - $1 (Reg $9) - I'm going to spray pain this Red for my HOGS

Merry Christmas garland that I will also be spray painting red and green - $3 (Reg. $14)

Santa ornament - $1 (Reg $9) 

I don't know why but I fell in love with this ornament - $3 (Reg $12) 

 Wrapping paper -$1,60 a roll (Reg. $8 ea) (This has TONS of paper on it and I bought about 5 or 6 rolls last year too - I just wish they had other colors in this style, because it is AWESOME paper)

11x14 Picture - $6 (Reg. $30)

Curly q ribbon - $.60 each (I bought 10 - Reg $2.50 ea)
Stocking Gift Card Holders - $.40 each (they only had 2 - Reg. $1.99 ea)
Santa Gift Card Holders - $.40 each (I bought 10 - Reg $1.99 ea) 

Cute Santa Clause ornament - $1 (Reg. $9 ea)

Bought this house at Home Goods - $7 (It lights up - Reg. $15) 

LED Picture that lights up (bought at Hallmark - $12.50 - Reg. $25) 

Sign - $10 (bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond - Reg $20) 

LED Light Up Wine Bottle Stopper - $2 (Hobby Lobby - Reg. $11.99) 

Tissue paper - $.60 each (Hobby Lobby - Reg. $1.99 ea)

10x13 Santa picture - Hobby Lobby $5 (Reg. $24.99) 

Christmas Card holder bought at Kirklands - $15 (Reg. $30)

Saturday consisted of running errands early morning and then getting home in time to watch our beloved Hogs whip up on Kansas State in the bowl game. While we were watching, I was busy taking down all of our Christmas decorations and putting them away. This is what it looked like once I started getting everything down and in one room:

Oh and see that sleigh below? I got it for $12.50 on sale at Home Goods (Reg. $25) (I plan on adding a string of white lights around it) I think it will also be cute for Winter Decorating)

Here is the after:

Looks SO much better, right?! ;) As sad as I was to see it all go, and for the holidays to be officially over, it felt so good to get it all taken down and put away. Sunday, we ran more errands and then we came home and I started prepping and cooking for my next round of Whole 30, which starts today. SO... how was YOUR holiday weekend? Crazy busy like mine or nice and relaxing?! Can't wait to hear all about it!  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and Happy Monday! 

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Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a great time ringing in the New Year.

    Wow, you got some awesome deals. Hobby Lobby (and let's face it: Target, AC Moore, Michael's, Hallmark, book stores, stationery stores/ etc.) are stores I can easily spend hours in as well as my whole paycheck in. lol. ;)

    Amy @


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