Thursday, October 7, 2010


Good morning my friends.  This is going to be a darker post than what you are used to around here.  I must preface this by saying how much I despise bullies - and especially GIRL bullies!  My daughter was "bullied" by a girl yesterday during lunch and was hit in the back very hard.  Had she been facing the girl she would have been hit in the face instead.  Luckily for her it was all caught on camera - (who knew cafeteria's have cameras now)  Anyway, as you could have guessed (or not) it all had to do with a stupid boy! (Nothing personal to my male readers). 

Here's how things went down.  My daughter just started "seeing" this guy on Tuesday night.  Apparently his ex was very angry and came into the cafeteria to start trouble.  Well, she came up behind my daughter (who was sitting with the boy) and started screaming and yelling at her and calling her names, etc.  My daughter turned around and looked at her and said she didn't say anything about her, etc.  and then turned back around.  Then my daughter asked a teacher to get this girl "off" her and away from her so he came and got her and was following her out when the girl turned and went around the cafeteria and came back and hit my daughter in the back with her fist as hard as she could.  My daughter's arm is still in a sling so it's not like she could have fought back and defended herself even if she wanted to. (the "boy" that this was all over sat there and did nothing and kept his head down on the table)  Needless to say - she's not allowed to "date" this boy for sure.

They hauled the girl to the principal's office and then my daughter to the nurse's office.  Luckily, the girl got suspended for a week over it - which made me very happy.  Someone told my daughter that she only got a 1 day Saturday suspension, but that wasn't accurate as I called and spoke directly to the principal.  Though, he couldn't tell me exactly what happened, punishment wise, over this little girl - he did say she wouldn't be bothering my daughter for the next few days.  Well, this girl (and her big mouth) got onto Facebook last night pretty much "bragging" about punching Alliye and how she got suspended for the week.

I have always felt safe sending my children to this school because it isn't like the schools I grew up in.  These kids come from all sorts of backgrounds but you would never know it in reality.  There doesn't seem to be any line drawn (so to speak) as they all dress the same (and no, they don't have uniforms) (no one cares about labels), there's no fights at the school, normally, etc.  All in all, this school has been a great experience for my kids.  Even though yesterday was not a good experience for my daughter, I was happy with the way the situation was handled from the cafeteria down to the principal's office.  Now my daughter has to watch out for the girl's "friends" since the other girl got suspended.  But, I feel confident that the principal's office is on it and like I said, there are cameras set up.  However, Alliye is no longer "seeing" this boy so there probably won't be an issue anyway. 

There is this one boy my daughter had been seeing for almost a year, and that my friends, is a story for another time.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to say hello.  Again, I'm sorry for the dark post but I promise tomorrow's post will be much better!  :o)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I'm so sorry this happened to your daughter. Bullies are always a bad thing, but I think girls sometimes tend to be worse.

  2. I am so sorry!

    I'm amazed at what happens in schools sometimes. How people can behave so badly.

    So glad the school acted appropriately and hopefully there won't be any more trouble with this bully!

  3. it actually really pisses me off, to be honest. ugh. i am glad you she is ok but i really think that this is NOT what you need right now.

  4. I am so glad your daughter didn't get hurt - hopefully it will stop, how frustrating, scary, and for a mom, a little heartbreaking!

  5. Not dark - honest. Your life got turned upside down over something you had no control over.

    Glad the school is on it!

    Good job.


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