Friday, October 8, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Kitchen Series

Happy Friday ya'll! Even though I've only worked 4 days this week due to having 2 sick babies on Sunday and Monday, it has been such a long week!  I had another late night at work last night so it wasn't until 10 p.m before I got home and in the bed and I am exhausted to say the least (I know, my life story, right?) *crickets chirping*  Anywho.... moving on...... Due to our painting and rearranging, etc. this week, and my working late, late hours - I haven't made it to the decorating stage of my kitchen for Halloween yet.  So... you are getting my pictures today at a "raw" glance - hope you don't mind.  However, after this weekend, once I have it decorated, I will include them in next week's Show Us Your Life or I will just do an entirely separate post on them - depends on how the weekend goes.  So... without further adieu -

Looking into the kitchen from the "laundry" room area:
 Looking into the "laundry room" area
This area isn't usually messy like this but as you can see - the kids have kind of gotten ahold of it - LOL  However, the Junior cookbook is one of my favs as my wonderful mother-in-law gave it to my daughter as a birthday gift many years ago.  It was also hers as a little girl from her mother so it is quite old and some of the pages are falling out but still a treasure I think:
 My "coffee station"
Hubby's liquor cabinet:  I know after you've seen all of our wine bottles and now our "old lady" liquor cabinet you probably think we are sots - but I assure you - we're not - we just like to have things on hand when our peeps stop by for a visit!  We are social drinkers only and rarely at that - LOL 
 Looking into the kitchen from the living room. 
The "homemade" (actually just thrown together and tied with ribbon) valance that my mom and I put together last August.  I want to put something like "EAT" above in this area but can't figure out what to put the words on - once they are on Vinyl.  Maybe plates, wood blocks, dunno - any suggestions?
Part of my wine bottle collection.  Steven brought me home this neat wine box many years ago and! 
My little ghost soap pump (okay so I have SOMETHING for Halloween in the kitchen at least - LOL) - it is from Bath and Bodyworks and too cute, I think!
Our kitchen "chalkboard" that I have to fix and complete still.  I didn't get it taped off real good apparently when I painted that door - *sigh*  Oh well - there are always projects around my house!   Also, see that flower picture on the right of my refrigerator?  That was painted by my daughter back many years ago and is one of my favorite treasures.  I have yet to get it "ironed" and framed but it is on some sort of canvas "paper" - not sure what kind but I *heart* it so much!
Well there is the rough tour of my kitchen currently.  I mainly went ahead and played along today to document what it looks like so when it is changed I can see the improvement.  However, this looks 10 times better than it did when we bought the house.  The walls were yellow!  The paint color on it now is "Latte" by Sherwin Williams.  It is too light for my taste but gives the rest of the house some contrast as we have dark painted walls throughout most of the rooms.  So be sure and stop by Kelly's Korner today to see the rest of the kitchens and come play along!

So what is on your agendas this weekend?  Me?  I will be watching this on Pay Per View:


They are playing at the new Cowboy Stadium in Texas - should be a great game.  Have a great weekend lovies and thanks for stopping by!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Very cute - love your coffee station! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. Love those white cabinets! I think "Eat" on a platter above the window would be adorable.


  3. very pretty kitchen! and i am LOVING that coffee station!

  4. great kitchen! love the colors you used!

  5. Love your kitchen.

    And the ghost soap is really cute.


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