Monday, April 25, 2011

Couponing and Easter

Happy Monday my peeps.  It is a warm and muggy day today and is supposed to be this way all week.  I am SO happy about that (not the mugginess but the warm part - hee hee hee)   How was your weekend?  I hope that you had a wonderful and very blessed Easter Sunday and weekend.  Ours was very nice and relaxing.  On Saturday we did some running around getting supplies to work in our basement and did some grocery shopping, etc.  (in the pouring down rain)  Before we began the grocery shopping I started to go through collecting all of my coupons in order to save some money - even if it was just a little.  Well, here is what I got and how much I spent (after coupons):

Walgreens ($10 after coupons):


Apparently I forgot to take a picture of the loot I scored at CVS - but I only spent $14 in total there after coupons and was able to get 3 Large jars of Ragu Spaghetti Sauce, and even 3 Large Jars of Skippy Peanut Butter as well in that total price.

Wal-Mart Trip ($20.25 after coupons):

This isn't even all of the groceries as my husband put some stuff downstairs in the garage refrigerator (yes we have 2 refrigerators - (one is a side by side)
This is 2 boxes of Velveeta, 3 boxes of Pop Tarts, one large Sugar, scented oil, Bleach, Hot Dog buns, rotel, snack cakes, Bratwurst, Computer paper, bag of chicken and pizza rolls.  Like I said, that doesn't even include the other package of hot dog buns, 3 loaves of bread or the other stuff he had already put away. Not bad for $20 huh? :)

So thanks to the economy AND the price of gas skyrocketing yet again - I think I am going to start doing the "extreme couponing" thing once I get it all figured out.  Have you seen that show on TLC?  All I can say is WOW - absolutely amazing!  One of the episodes I've seen showed a total grocery bill for $1,906.47 and she walks away spending ONLY $103!!!!  Now THAT'S my kind of couponing! :)  Do any of you coupon - what about to that kind of "extreme" couponing?  I would love any and all tips if you would love to share!

Now, here are a few pictures from our Easter celebration from yesterday.  It was actually a very beautiful and gorgeous day yesterday - sunny and 75 degrees.  It was the perfect day!  I made enough food to feed an army but there were only 5 of us! HA!

My girl and her boyfriend, D:
 My baby boy, M:
 Some of the grub:
 Yummy desserts:

 Then we had these cute little babies show up to visit us after dinner looking for their treats:
 Fighting over bread:
 Then one of THESE ugly things showed up and started stealing the babies food:
And this Mallard had the BRIGHTEST ORANGE feet I had ever seen before -
you can't really tell it in this picture but they were BRIGHT BRIGHT ORANGE!
Well, that's how we spent our weekend - hope that you and yours had a wonderful and blessed one as well.  Thanks for stopping by and please let me know you were here! :)

 Lots of love and hugs,


  1. The desserts look delicious! Glad you had a great day! :)

  2. I always think I should use coupons and this post has helped me make up my mind :)

    food looks awesome.

  3. What a great weekend! Love the pics and the food looks incredibly yummy. I love the holidays because the coupons are always BETTER!

  4. I just posted about couponing on my blog today! I'm just now jumping into serious couponing.
    Do you have Publix where you are?
    Shoot me an email and I'll send you my couponing links.

  5. I love that show....and have totally started doing the Extreme Couponing...I will have to post some of my deals. I am new at it but am trying hard to get it all figured out.


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