Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Projects - To Do List:

Hi my friends!  Welcome to Thursday!  Almost to the weekend - YAY!  I've seen this in the bloggy world a few times lately and thought I really need to do this - so I'm not sure "who" I've borrowed it from - but will gladly give credit where credit is due if it is yours! :o)

As you may (or may not) know - I am a HUGE DIY'er and I love all kinds of remodels, refurbishings, painting, spray painting, crafts, etc.  Here is  my "current' (and never-ending I'm sure) list I have going on:

Add wainscotting up the wall
Change out both light fixtures
Change out wall photos/organize frames
Paint frames
Rip up carpet
Stain or paint wooden steps once carpet is up

Dining Room:
Change out light fixture
Add Wainscotting
Add Chair rail
Paint inside of Large walk-in pantry
Add baskets for neater storage

Spray paint cabinet and drawer hardware
Fix crown molding on top of pantry cabinet
Replace flooring
Paint Refrigerator
Change out ceiling fan(?)

Laundry Room:
Pull out metal shelves
Add wooden shelves
Add organization baskets
Add vinyl above doors
Paint door knobs

Fix inside of closet - organize into craft closet
Add window treatments
Re-organize shelves

Living Room:
Take down mirrored closet doors and replace
Add window treatments to sliding glass door
Paint front door
Paint basement door
Finish crown molding
Spray paint metal trim around floor by basement door
Change out ceiling fan(?)

Mike's Bedroom:
New bed (or bed linens)
New window treatments
Hang wall art
Change out light fixture
Replace mirrored closet doors
Organization system for closet

Alliye's Room:
Spray paint and hang new chandelier
Make covered headboard
New bedding
New window treatments
Refurbish Dresser
Organization system for closet

Master Bedroom:
Paint closet
Redo Bench
New window treatments
Refurbish lamp
Refurbish mirror
Refurbish Makeup table
Repaint Bedroom
New bedding

Master Bathroom:
Put down new flooring
Tile countertop of vanity
New window treatments
Frame around builders mirror
New light fixture
New floor mats
Paint inside of pantry
Organization baskets
shelf paper

Basement/Craft Room:
Put down tile
Finish up walls
Organize Craft stuff
Paint shelves
Stain or paint stairs
Rip up carpet at top of stairs
Paint and/or finish wallpapering and/or add beadboard to walls

Like I said - a constant on-going list (and this doesn't even include the outside or crafts I am in the middle of either) - LOL  So, I would love to know what kind of projects and/or crafts you have going on or what you'd like to get started on once the weather turns out nice and warm.

So please pull up a chair and your favorite beverage and fill me in!  In the meantime, have a great day and thanks for stopping by to say hi.  Remember - if you were here - please leave me a comment - I'd love to reciprocate the visit! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Enjoy your day - almost Friday!!

  2. Great to be back visiting with you again. Your list is nearly as long as mine - only thing is neither I nor Husband dearest are any good at DIY, perhaps when you've finished with your list ........ x

  3. If I actually wrote out my to-do in the house list, it would probably be that long and also never-ending which is why I don't write it down. I do it as I can so I don't get overwhelmed. As much as I LOVE crafting and DIY, I want to continue to love and not have it become something I feel I HAVE to do.

    Have a wonderful day!



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