Monday, April 11, 2011

Numbers - What do they mean to you??

Happy Monday my friends and thanks for stopping by. is back to reality for me and my family - it was a great vacation while it lasted but I think we are all ready to get back to the grindstone and settled back into our normal routines.

I have a question for you - do you have a number that you happen to see EVERYWHERE you look - even at random times and random places?  When I was growing up and we'd ask my dad if he was ready to eat or not - he would always say - not until 11:42.  That was his standard answer no matter what time of day/night it was.  Well for SOME WEIRD reason - the last  TWO months I have seen those numbers EVERYWHERE and I'm not even kidding.  It is the weirdest thing - and not only that - I've noticed that no matter what time I look up at the clock - the numbers ALWAYS end in 42. 

Have you ever had any experiences like this before?  If so, do you know what it means or do you have an opinion of what it means?  It kind of worries me really as my dad is going in for back surgery on May 11th and I turn 43 this year (so obviously my age is 42 this year).  It's like an omen or something and I am NOT a superstitious person in the least bit - but this is just getting stranger and stranger every day.  I would love to hear any theories you might have on this subject as I am really curious. 

Hope you have a wonderful and blessed day.  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and please let me know you were here. 

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. No, I don't think so, but my lucky nr would be nr 7 for some reason.
    No worries, sometimes our mind plays such games, if it makes sense.
    So sorry to hear about your dad...Hope your dad's surgery goes well.

    Have a nice Monday my dear friend, hope you have a great week, as well!
    Big hugs!
    B xoxoxo

  2. Ooops! I meant to say "if that makes sense."

  3. I never notice anything. I must be in my own little world. My daughter notices it ALL the time. Everything with her is the number "14"
    She sees it everywhere!
    I'm a new follower from the hop.
    Hope you can hop by and visit me.

  4. I think I have had a few experiences like that but nothing that I remember too specifically. Pretty sure it's not an omen. Just a coincidence. :)


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