Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden is......DEAD

Well, good morning my friends! I hope you've had an awesome and relaxing weekend.  I had a very busy one to say the least.  I had planned to write a post this morning about my weekend finds - grocery wise - due to some MAJOR EXTREME couponing and show you all of my loot at rock bottom prices.  However, due to some other major developments overnight - I felt it was much more important to celebrate the long and awaited death of one of the most evil people in the world over the weekend. 

No matter your thoughts on President Obama and what he has or hasn't done - he has accomplished what no other Presidents in the last decade have been able to do - which is get the USA's top enemy once and for all.  Personally - that is a major triumph in my book!  All I can say is Praise the Lord for all of his diligence in getting this bastard.  Sorry, I know I don't normally curse on this blog (it is a family blog) and I hope I don't lose readers over this - but I truly have no words other than curse words for this man and what he did to our families in America and the devastation of the loss of lives we encountered.

And also another HUGE THANK YOU to all of the military families who are having to sacrifice and who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of the Great ole U.S.A.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice of our safety and me and my family will be eternally grateful.  I do realize though this will put us on even more extreme alert and being in NYC it kinda scares me to say the least.

Okay - enough of the seriousness today - I hope that all of you have a wonderful and blessed day and thanks for stopping by to say hello!

Lots of love and hugs,

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