Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday guys and dolls!  How are you?  How has your week been?  Great, I hope!  As you can see we have had such a BUSY week that I've not had a chance to even blog - blah.  Where I work (a law firm), in our department (Finance) the 4th Quarter is our busiest ever so it's crazy around here until the end of the year, to say the least.  :)

Anywho - do you have any big plans for the weekend?  Can you believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner already?  WHERE did this year go?  It seems like the old adage is true - the older we get, the faster the time flies.  We will be finishing up our CHRISTmas decorating this weekend once and for all.  We won't be home for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, so we had to get things up and decorated earlier than normal. But, I must admit, CHRISTmas is my most favorite time of year and I LOVE the decorating and listening to Christmas music while doing so. :)

SO... I decided today that I would join in on the Five on Friday hosted by Darci over at The Good Life.  I just came across her website by accident today via Kelly over at Kelly's Korner.  Be sure to go check them both out - they are great reads! :)


Here are my top 5 for Friday Five today:


I can't wait to finish this tree this weekend -


We recently got a new "baby" to go with our other "baby" a couple of weeks ago.  Her name is Stella and she is SO precious! (she's a Boston Terrier)......


Here is our other baby: - his name is Sampson and he's a Boxer/Terrier mix: (except that he's twice the size of this now) 


These have just started going up near my office and I LOVE seeing them up this early:


I have officially started working on my CHRISTmas cards and can't wait to get them completed.  :)

There are my Friday Five's - so come join us and link up!  Have a wonderful weekend my peeps and thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to let me know you were here, as I always love checking out new blogs! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Your pups are too cute and your Christmas tree looks amazing. Happy Friday!

  2. the fur babies are soooo presh!!! bless!! totally debuted mine in her pupjamas on my friday 5 this week...HA! ;)

  3. I was born and raised in Arkansas, but now live in Texas too! I'm loving it, but miss Hog Nation! Love that you have your Christmas tree up! We do too. Good to find you through Kelly's Korner!

  4. Hello from Kelly's Korner..I'm a fellow Houston blogger. I love when all the holiday decorations go up around town! I convinced my husband we need to put our tree up this weekend. ;)

  5. Awesome cards - nice job! Your "babies" are so adorable!! :-)

  6. Lovely to meet the latest edition to the family. Such lovely cards, if only I was half as creative.


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