Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

Happy Happy Monday guys and dolls!  Welcome to a VERY short week! How was your weekend? Great, I hope!  Ours was very nice, but OH SO BUSY.  I had SO much to get done in such a short time frame that it was just crazy!  We are heading out of town to go see family this year for Thanksgiving, so I had double the work than normal.  I had to complete my CHRISTmas cards, decorate my table - finally - finish the tree, complete a couple of presents for our parents and then wrap them.  Then, I had to bake homemade cookies for my husband's staff who are working on Thanksgiving Day.  Last year we didn't travel, so we actually made extra turkey dinners and took to the staff that day since they had to work.  But this year, there simply was just not enough time to do something besides bake cookies.  

In between all of this, we also had laundry to take care of - and oy - the packing - did I mention the packing... which, by the way, we've yet to start - that's on tonight's to do list.  I am just hoping for an early day at the office today, so I can get home as quickly as possible and get the packing started and finished as we leave tomorrow night!.  I am really excited because the temperatures are going to be in the 30's and 40's back home.  Last year we had 80 degree temps here in Texas and call me spoiled - but to me - that is just NOT Holiday weather - boo!  

Our daughter who lives back home in Arkansas, will be making the trip up to Fayetteville to have Thanksgiving with us and we are SO excited.  We've not seen our girl since June 1st.  That's a looonnngg time to not see my baby girl!  My son and his best friend are also making the drive up separately from us as they each have a test in College that morning at 10 a.m. and can't leave at the same time we are.  Once we get to my Mother-in-laws we will hit the ground running from there.  She's having back surgery in a week or so and isn't able to do a lot, so we will be pitching in and helping her out with the cooking and CHRISTmas decorating, etc.  It's going to be a fast and furious trip, but one that we are SUPER excited for and really looking forward to.  

I didn't think I'd get to see my mother this trip, but she's coming through the area we will be in on Saturday afternoon, so we are meeting up and getting together for dinner that night - so I'm super excited about that as well.  She's another one I've not seen since May - sigh.

So, there you have it peeps - my weekend in a nutshell.  How about yours?  Fill me in - can't wait to hear all of the deets!  Did you get your CHRISTmas tree put up yet?  Are you listening to CHRISTmas music yet? Have you bought and wrapped any gifts?  What about your Thanksgiving Day - what are you and your family doing for the holiday? 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment so I know that you were here! :)  And because I don't like to do a post without a photo of some sort, here you go:


 Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. hi my sweet friend!
    it's so great that your mum is coming through the area and you'll be together on saturday afternoon.

    wish you and yours a very happy, happy thanksgiving!!



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