Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Germany Vacation Day 2

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you are having a great day so far. Since I am still telling about our trip and sharing pictures, I am skipping the "Wordless Wednesday" today. Now... on to day 2! :o)  We began our day with the Hotel's continental breakfast seen below:  It consisted of Shrimp, lobster and fresh mozzarella and tomatoes.....
along with....fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt and cheese and uncooked bacon (which we did NOT eat), among other things...
We then headed downtown to a city that I can't recall the name of to a Farmer's Market,
and then to see the healing waters where people come from far and wide to sit in front of the mist coming off the sticks to be healed of their ailments...
We then headed to Gaul's Restaurant for a delicious lunch...
and then to see the castle on the hill that also includes a chapel where Sandra's parents were married over 50 years ago.
We then proceeded to the mine after a nice lunch and visit to the castle.
Afterwards it was time to head to the winery that my cousin, Chris, owns part of to check it out
and we got to see some of these fellows that they own too:  My favorite is the blonde one! :o)
We then proceeded back to the winery for a night of wine tasting and good company and GREAT food!  The food was literally to DIE for - it was AWESOME and some of the best food I have ever in my life tasted!  Sylvia is the wife of Chris's best friend and she is a WONDERFUL cook and that is putting it mildly!  This was smoked lamb and potatoes and it was so good it melted in your mouth when you ate it!
After a good meal, we sat down and enjoyed some wine tasting that my cousin and his best friend personally make and see over the process:
They have to save 2 bottles of every batch they make so that in case there is ever a problem with a bottle of wine, they can have it to test if they ever need it: (you know the old song..."there might be a little dust on the bottle but don't let it fool you about what's inside")

Well, that takes care of day 2 - I really thought I could tell the story of our trip and reduce the pictures, but I am not doing so well at that - I took about 1000 pictures over a 9 day period, which I certainly will not bore you with on here - but I am trying to show you at least one or two pictures from each part of every day.  Hope you are enjoying the story as it goes along.
Thanks again for stopping by and checking out our pictures and my blog!  Have a great day!
Hugs, Trac~ :o)


  1. may i have some healing water? ;) your pics are great.

    what do you think they are? yes, they are a favor but what kind? ;)

  2. What a fun trip and gorgeous photos! Looks like a truly fun time! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today!! Great to "meet" you.


  3. WOW That looks gorgeous! What an amazing continental breakfast! I'm used to old fruit and a packet of oatmeal!

  4. Beautiful vineyards! There are a lot of vineyards in the Hill Country of Texas and I am memorized each time we visit that part of Texas.

    My grandmother used to make homemade wine from wild grapes (we call them Mustangs here in Texas, but they are also known as Muscadines). I've always made jelly with the mustangs and prefer the jelly I make to the store bought regular grape jellies.

    Looks like a wonderful trip.

  5. Hi Trac,
    Terrific photos.!! as always.
    Have a fabulous Friday!
    Hugs ,xxx
    From SITS. I'm following .


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