Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Wow - today is a new day and also one that I don't really have anything to post about due to all of my previous 7 posts being about our Germany Trip - so.... hmmm....I think I will post about some of my favorite Fall things/ideas instead and then you can tell me about yours! Sound good? Yep, I thought so too! :o)

First off.... HAPPY FALL Y'ALL! I LOVE to decorate for this time of year! I love the fact that I can incorporate Fall right into Halloween and Thanksgiving season only having to change out a few items here and there and then we move right into Christmas decorating - which is my FAVORITE!

Since we bought our house at this same time last year,  we really didn't do too much decorating inside or out due to still trying to get moved in and settled.  So this year, we will be decorating from top to bottom inside and out and I am in need of some great ideas - so please feel free to leave me comments and/or pictures showcasing your ideas too! :o)

Here are just a few inside ideas that I L.O.V.E!

I'm still trying to locate some great looking outdoor decorations - especially for the front porch, etc. but can't seem to find what I am looking for.  If you have any great outdoor ideas for Fall - please send them my way - especially if they can be incorporated directly to Halloween and Thanksgiving since those are so close upon us now - wow - hard to believe another year is almost gone.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! I look forward to seeing your fall decorating ideas!

Trac~ :o)


  1. I love the candles. In fact I can actually make those. Thanks for the idea!! I love the Fall!

  2. I love the wreath on the mantel!!!!!!


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