Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Post It Note Tuesday: STICK EM UP!

Soooo... this is my first time to participate in SupahMommy's Post It Note Tuesday and there's no telling what I will say - but.... Go check out SupahMommy and come play along! You'll have a GREAT time!

Well.... like I said - not nearly as creative or funny as SupahMommy and others, but I gave it my best shot this morning, so feel free to visit SupahMommy's page and play along! The more, the merrier!

Have a wonderful and blessed Tuesday everyone and thanks for stopping by!

Big hugs,
Trac~ :o)


  1. thanks for the shout out..
    and just
    beeee urself.

    the door one was good..
    and commuting.

    woah .. sucks.

    what do you do in NYC and how bout you swing by TKTS and get me some .. wicked tics?

    xoxo supah
    come back again!!! it's nice to see new faces

  2. I was just saying how I can't believe it is almost October...already...geez!!

    BTW- I think you are just as creative as anyone else... keep it up!!

  3. hey...I liked this just fine.
    And bonus... your blog is making me think it's fall...
    because here where I live the weather is being stupid & getting into the 90s still.
    Happy blogging : )

  4. oooo i could have totally added the "is it friday yet??" but repost it every.single.day!!

  5. Commuting is such a drag, but into NYC is even more lame. Living in NJ, I know the deal.

  6. I've never seen the post-it note thingie before. What a fun idea!

    (hee hee! you commented just before me on SITS today!)

    - Margaret

  7. What a fun idea! I really like your background right now too by the way! Very festive.


  8. SupahMommy is soooo creative and funny. It's hard to live up to her, but I think you did great! And...where the heck did September go?

  9. Sticky notes=totally addictive, yes?

  10. Commuting is the worst. I feel your pain.

    Love your Halloween background.

  11. I wish it was Friday. I have 2hr commute (ONE WAY) everyday. Totally of 4hrs commuting each day. It's so worth it though to be able to own a house here in california. Thank goodness for carpool.

    Oh could I be converting someone into a Seahakws fan? LOl Oh yeah!!

    come see my halloween spooktacular!!


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