Wednesday, September 30, 2009

RANT Wednesday!

UGH! So I hate to start this post out in a rant today, BUT.... I am absolutely SO aggravated and mad over these women that I work with who freakin PEE ON THE SEAT!!!! SERIOUSLY???!! I mean, come on! My son and husband are a lot cleaner at home! I just can't imagine WHAT their houses look like if they are this disgusting here at the office.  We have 6 floors and there are only a handful on my floor - so it's pretty easy to figure out maybe WHO it is but still! 

What I can't quite figure out is if they are squatting and that's how they pee on the seat, or if they.... heck, I just have NO idea!  On more than one occasion we have had to call maintenance to come clean the bathroom because of the poop and pee everywhere - it was DISGUSTING!

Anyway, sorry for the rant today but I am just so frustrated and disgusted that I can't stand it any longer.  Anyone have any ideas - maybe even a devious plan? (said with an evil laugh) hee hee hee

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day today! Hard to believe tomorrow is already October 1st.

Big hugs!
Trac~ ;o)


  1. LOL U can borrow my post it from yesterday, with a little editing it would work great;)

  2. Yum, yeah that's gross. Clean up after yourself!

  3. Sister you are so funny!! I am really enjoying reading these, I wish I was a creative as you.... Love you so much....

  4. OMG! maybe you should put those butt wipies on the seat with a note that reads, "if you sprinkle when you tinkle, then USE A WIPE"!

  5. Offer the offenders seat covers or a portable seat to take with them everywhere. Wait. Hang up a sign in the stall that states, "Toilet seats are for sitting on, not peeing on. Thank you for cleaning up after yourself." Optional: Include name of offender at the end of note, "Thank you for cleaning up after yourself, Jane."


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