Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Germany Vacation - Day 7 - Final Day! - Warning LONG POST - LOTS of Pictures!

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you are having a glorious and blessed week.  Ours has been good but very busy.  We have finally came to the end of our wonderful Germany vacation and the pictures that go along with it.  So.... without further adieu....

We began our day with the visit of Frankenstein's Castle - it was SO NEAT to see it in person!

Frankenstein's Sign to the Castle:

this is the road on the way to the castle: (looks kind of creepy to me)

This reminds me of the woods of Twilight:

The main road walking to Frankenstein's Castle:

Frankenstein's Castle:

This is the inside of the castle where the villagers came up through this gate to kill the monster and burn the castle down:

This is the outside of the gate that the villagers came through:

This is the trail that they came up from the City below:

This is a beautiful and neat little chapel that is right next to the castle:

After our visit to the Castle we headed to the City of Rudesheim for the rest of the day for some great food and some more shopping - it was such a cute and quaint little village:

This is a really neat thing that is powered by heat from the candles you see in the picture- the heat from the candle is what moves everything (not sure what they are called):

These bells were on the side of a building randomly:

And I thought this was the neatest stained glass window - it was BEAUTIFUL!

Steven found a really neat ice cream shop down the above path:

They scoop out their ice cream and put it in scoops in the windows so when you make your choice the scoop is already there and they just transfer it from the window to the cone, cup, etc.:

Steven's Drink - can't remember what all was in it:

This was my drink - it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S! The Cherries in it were full of some type of Brandy - YUM!

This was Chris's Hot Coffee - he said it was really good too:

This is the view of the river in Rudesheim from the road:

After all the fun of the day, we went back to the apartment, put stuff up and headed out for our last dinner for the night.  Needless to say - the food wasn't good, but the beer was very good! These are all of our sad faces since it was our last night:

 Well, I know it was long today, but I hope you enjoyed the last leg of our trip to Germany.  Thanks for stopping by and please say hello before you leave! Tomorrow will be back to "normal" posting! 

Big hugs,
Trac~ :o)


  1. What beautiful pictures. Nothing wrong with being 40 ish :) I have boys in high school too. Time flies.

  2. Oh no it's ending. But I'm living my visit there through you!! I so have to go to that castle. OMG it's amazing. I'm hunting you down if I ever get my trip to there planned.

  3. Super cool. Love the castle.
    I've got to try to make time to read the rest. I just love European architecture, the stained glass window, the bells in the wall, awesome!!


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