Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Tuesday and Post It time! :o)

Good morning my friends! How are you?  How was your Monday?  Anything exciting happen by chance? No? Nothing here either but I had one of "those" days yesterday.  It started out that I had only 5 hours of sleep on Sunday night and then woke up extremely exhausted as you can imagine!  Anywho, as I was getting off the Subway and walking up the 50 million freakin stairs to get to the escalator to go to my building, somehow (I still don't know HOW) - I tripped going UP the darn stairs - now tell me - I bet you didn't know that I was so talented did you?! It was like it was all in slow motion too - it was weird - and I had this sweet guy behind me who grabbed me and picked me back up.  Talk about embarrassing! There were hoards hundreds of people coming up behind me so, they of course, had to stop until I got my butt up and going  again.  Sheesh!  Anyway.... *crickets chirping*.......it wasn't long after that, that my right knee began hurting and really bothering me again.  (I hurt it in a snow skiing accident many years ago and it acts up on occassion)  It was hurting so much that I ended up having to completely skip my Jazzercise class last night and come home to rest it.  Unfortunately, it's not much better today either - it feels like there is some sort of catch or something in it - YUCK!  Not good when I have a LOT of stairs to climb constantly on a daily basis between the bus and subway. :o((((   So... that was my lovely day - how was yours? I hope it was much better than mine! :o)

So... onto the drill - you remember what special day today is right?  Yep, you guessed it - it's Supah Mommy's Post-It-Note Tuesday.  If you've never played before - you can find the link here to see the rules and play along too.


Well, that's all I can think of this morning and I'm getting real behind as usual, so I'd better go.  I miss chatting with all of you and hope that you all still love me and forgive me for not being a great bloggy friend lately.  I read your blogs as much as possible throughout my day, but don't get to comment until the evenings and sometimes that's not even happening.  But please know that I love you all and am thinking of you and very grateful and blessed that I have you as my IRL friends and bloggy friends too.  Have a wonderful Tuesday  my peeps! :o)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Finding a self-tanner that doesn't smell bad is quite the feat.

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. Always a great bloggy friend, I can only hope the rest of your week goes better.

  3. ouch...I will send good thoughts your way that your knee is better soon;) hugs

  4. Mother Nature needs to behave!!! It is NEVER cold during my birthday! Should we "knee" her?! lol

  5. Sounds like you "kneed" some rest and relaxation!

  6. Have you found a self tanner that doesn't make you orange? I need one!

    Hope your knee and hands feel better soon...watch out coz your sounding like my broke down self!

  7. I hope your knee feel better by now.
    big hugs!


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