Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Recap and Giveaway as Promised!

Happy Monday my peeps! How are you?  How was your weekend? Do anything fun and exciting?  Friday night my son and I went out to eat by ourselves and had a wonderful mother/son date night and it was so nice! My daughter was babysitting and the hubster was out of town for business.  While we were out and about that night we went to a few stores to look at some stuff that I wanted to get for my summer tablescape in our dining room.  I found SO much stuff and really am LOVING the way it has turned out.  My husband is one of those who really loves a nice table set up so I try to keep it looking good year round for him and he was so happy when he got home and saw the newest addition. Here are some pictures below - I hope you enjoy them as much as we are lurving it! :o)

I made the napkin rings myself - I already had the napkin rings but hot glued the starfish to them - I thought they turned out really cute!
This is one of my favorite pieces - the terrarium itself was originally $100 at JC Penneys and had been marked down to $29.99 and I watched it for a month and the price remained, so I decided Friday night I was going back to get it - when I did - they had marked it down to $19.99 and then I had a coupon for 30% off which means I got this baby for $14.00! WOO HOO! Then I added the cute bird, candles and sand. The bird is also one of my new favorite things. The bamboo runner was $3.99 and also from the Christmas Tree Shops (it is Turquoise and brown - hence the reason for the color scheme I have going on throughout now)
Another new bird: (the 2 birds came from the Christmas Tree Shops also and were $4.99 each)
These decorative balls are glass (also from JCPenneys) and were originally marked at $13 to $15 each and I got them for less than $2.00 each by the time it was said and done after they had been marked down 80% and then I added my 30% off coupon - SCORE! 
I LOVE this sign - it was TOO CUTE (Christmas Tree Shops - $6.99) and the lamp came from Target - not sure if you can see the design very well or not.  I meant to turn it off before I took a picture of it:
The bottle I made this weekend - the candle stuff on the bottom came from The Christmas Tree Shops, and the numbered box set came from JC Penneys (another cheapy - originally marked $20 and I got them for next to nothing as well.  The 312 has no significance at all - just the way I arranged them.
The basket came from JCP and was another great find, the Starfish and Turquoise candle came from Kohls.  I don't know if you can tell or not, but inside the basket, I threw in seashells and sand dollars.
Well, that concludes the tour of my summer breeze dining room.  I hope you enjoyed it! The reason I went with the beach type theme is because we live at the lake and I wanted something different this year that went with our house better. :o)  Now, to the giveaway that I promised you guys a couple of weeks back.  I finally found something that just screamed Summer to me and thought it was TOO CUTE! I LURVE polka dots and in case you can't tell - this is a BRIGHT Summer Orange.  I think I will go back and get one for myself too because I really wanted to keep this one! HA!

Here are the rules:

(1) for 1 entry - you must be a follower of my blog. (sorry, this giveaway is only open to my followers) (I love new bloggy friends so I will follow you in return if you become a new follower);

(2) for 2 entries - in a separate comment tell me HOW to place my list of labels on the main page of my blog (I know - cheesy and off the wall but I can NOT figure it out for the life of me-LOL) and;

(3) for 3 entries - post about this giveaway on your blog, twitter or facebook, link back to this post and let me know in a separate comment.

The giveaway will end at Midnight on Thursday, May 20th and a winner will be announced on Friday, May 21st.

That's it - easy peasy my friends! :o) Well.... it's that time again - yep - I'm running late and must get moving. I hope that all of you have a wonderful and blessed day! I can't wait to catch up on your blogs. I have a project in the works that I will show you later on - did I mention that Spray Paint is my new friend?! LOL

Lots of love and hugs, 


  1. I'm a follower!!! LOVE this!!! (1 entry)

  2. You put labels on by going to layout, click on gadget and scroll down to labels. (2 entries)

  3. Blogged about it here:

  4. I am a GFC follower.

  5. I've been a follower. As evidenced by your gorgeous Summer Breeze dining room, your blog is wonderful. I bow down to your Domestic Goddessness and your amazing bargain finding skills.

    Please stop by my blog today to receive your Super Comments award!

  6. you made all of that? wow, lovey! so great. you have some creative talent for sure.

  7. Your table is amazing...that center piece, BRILLIANT!

  8. All of them are fabulous!
    Have a great week ahead, my sweet friend! :o)
    B xx

  9. I'm a follower!!!!!

    I love polka dots too!

  10. CRAP I can't help with #2!

  11. I tweeted it!

  12. I'm a follower and love your designs. I am so not crafty.

    As for the labels..sorry I am clueless there too.

  13. looks so great...makes me long for the beach :)

  14. I'm a new follower! Love the dining room :)

  15. I love it, the crab sign is my favorite!

  16. I follow you!

    I love the Crab sign too! :)


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