Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Latest Award! :o)

Happy Saturday my friends! How the heck are you? Great, I hope!  I just woke up about 30 minutes ago (9 a.m. EST) and it was so nice to sleep "in" a little while this morning.  I need to be getting my day started but instead I decided to check out your blogs this morning first and wow - I was given a nice surprise! Steven over at No Excuse, No Explanation who is a loyal follower and friend chose little ole me to give a new award to today and I couldn't be more honored! So, thank you my dear friend, Steven - I adore you and have really enjoyed getting to know you through this wonderful world of bloggy land.  Ya'll be sure to check him out as I think he's the cat's meow and pretty sure you will too! :o) This award comes with no rules (love it) and I can pass it on to anyone I choose....

Did I mention how I lurve me some kitty cats?! :o)

Anywho.... I am passing this award on to the following people and hope that you will take the time to go and check them out - you will LURVE them ALL! They are awesome followers and awesome bloggy friends whom I hope to meet IRL one day:

1.  Betty at Cut and Dry
3.  Kimber over at A Day in the Life of a Girl named Kimber
4.  Alicia over at It Aint Easy Being Cheesy
5.  Lisa over at Kssnnikkel
6.  Princess over at Princess of Sarcasm

Okay I think that will do it for now so you guys be sure and go and check them out when you have the chance! I promise you will not be disappointed! They are awesome bloggers and have great blog posts every day!  I hope that you are enjoying your long weekend so far.  :o)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Happy day ;) hugs

  2. Thank you for the award - so sweet! :)

  3. Thank you!!!! I hope to meet too some day!

  4. Congratulations on this ever so cute award. I look forward to visiting the other blogs you mention.

  5. Congrats to you! I love getting awards but this is one I would NEVER qualify for. I'm such a bad bloggy friend these days I rarely have time to visit all of my faves. But, I'm making it a point to be better which is how I found myself on your happy little blog today saying hello. Off to pat myself on the back!

  6. Aww Congrats! Cute award! :)


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