Monday, December 20, 2010

Meet Me On Monday - 27th Edition

Happy Monday my peeps and welcome to another beautiful but brisk day!  How are you?  How was your weekend?  Since I am running very short on time this morning, this Meet Me on Monday blog hop was the perfect post!  Feel free to visit Java over at Never Growing Old and post your link to play along!  Now... on to today's questions:

1. What will your Christmas dinner consist of?  I'm not sure about our Christmas dinner as of yet besides there being ham - however, our "traditional" Christmas Eve dinner always consists of Steak Fondue.

2. Do you watch commercials or flip through the channels?  I HATE commercials and avoid them as much as possible - thank goodness for DVR!

3. How long will you leave your Christmas decorations up?  They usually come down by New Year's day when I have the time off to get things back in order.

4. What movie makes you cry every time you watch it?  I don't know remember off hand - I am very emotional - so any sad and sappy movie always makes me cry! LOL

5. Do you have a Facebook?  Yes - you can find me under Tracy Yeager Anderson.

There you have it my friends - quick, simple and easy as pie.  Come join the fun so we can all read your answers as well!

Have a great day and enjoy the short week - I for one am really looking forward to it!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I have no idea yet what our Christmas dinner will be. I'm sure we won't starve. I always cry when I watch RUDY or BRIAN'S SONG.

    Stopping by from bloggers over 40.

  2. Just stopping by to say howdy from
    Meet Me On Monday (Love to read the answers)
    Laurie from Grandma Sez So
    Please check out my Etsy-Blogger linky. It may or may not be of interest to you. Just spreading the word along as I happily hop.

  3. Films that make me cry? I get really sentimental at this time of year and to be honest it would be easier to list which don't have me reaching for the tissues.


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