Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Snowy Tuesday & Cool FREE Valentine Printables

Happy Tuesday my friends! And welcome to another snowy/sleeting day in the Big Apple - UGH! All I can say is Mother Nature is not being kind to us this year, is she?! I am SO ready for warmer temps and to see REAL Sunshine for a change - aren't you? How is the weather looking your way today? My kid's school closed down completely today and I'm sure tomorrow as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be the worse of the two evils (at my house at least) with at least an inch or two of ice by tomorrow morning's commute. Needless to say, I am NOT coming to the office tomorrow whatsoever - I imagine it will definitely be a stay at home day for all of us tomorrow but we will see. Either way, I do hope you guys are all staying nice and toasty at your house and if you are lucky enough to live someplace nice and warm with the sunshine - please send it my way ASAP! I will send you a nice treat if you do! LOL

Anyway, yesterday I was browsing and came across this blog - While He Was Napping - and she has some awesome printables that she creates and gives away to her readers for FREE! So - without further adieu:

Looking for some cool printable Valentine Subway Art? Check this out:

Well that's all for today my friends - have a great day and stay safe and warm. I hope today will be a very slow day at the office so that I can check out and respond to all of your blogs for a change. I brought my IPAD to work so that I can play as much as possible today as I think most people will be out and it will be very quiet here today - at least that's what I am hoping for anyway! Hee hee hee

Thanks for stopping by to say hello! P.S. I know my post looks a little wonky this morning and my links aren't highlighted either but for some reason my IPAD isn't letting me compose this properly so I hope you will excuse it for today. However, the link to While He Was Napping is a working link so you can just highlight it and copy it into your address bar to get to her page.

Lots of Love and Hugs,

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  1. I love that blog! She makes such cute stuff!

    Y'all are just getting some CRAZY winter weather up there, aren't you? It's raining cats and dogs here. It's supposed to change over to snow by 4:00, but it shouldn't stick here in central AR. YAY! Stay warm and be careful!!!


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