Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to one of my "Babies"

Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you've had an awesome weekend.  I had a very nice one - I even managed to sleep until 10:00 both days - THAT is unheard of in my house for me! LOL   I guess after my tough week last week my body finally said enough was enough and started making up for the lack of sleep I got.  Either way it felt good to sleep in!  After getting up, I had a very productive weekend and can't wait to show you the "befores" and "afters".  I only got 2 things accomplished due to them both taking me hours to get done each - but.... they are 2 more things off my list - WOO HOO!  So be sure to check back tomorrow so you can see the amazing transformations -  I think you will like it! :)

On another note - today is my "baby" boy's birthday.  He is 17 years old - ACK!  The time has flown by soooo fast like you wouldn't believe.  I can't believe he and my daughter will be grown and out of the house soon - she turns 18 this year! *sigh*  Anyway... here is a picture of my sweet baby - he had a birthday party this past Friday night and had people over for a bon-fire and a couple of the boys stayed the night.  Due to my work schedule I wasn't able to get any pictures of him with his friends, or anything else.  They turned 1/2 of my garage into a "band" room.  It was great listening to them all play music as that's the kind of house I grew up in - my dad and uncles and even my mom would play music and sing every weekend at my house and I loved it! So... this was just a nice reminder! :)

Sorry... I got off track a little bit - here is a picture of him and his card that we got him for his birthday: 

My future lawyer:

And this is his birthday card - when you open it up it plays:
 "I wanna rock and roll all night"

I totally forgot (cause I'm such a bad mom) - to get a picture of his birthday gift we gave him last weekend (he got it early).  It is a very nice Docker's brown leather jacket - which he L.O.V.E.D.   I will get a better picture of him and the jacket together and upload that another time. 

Well... off to get ready for work - it is pouring down rain here today so I better get moving.    P.S.  I need to get a "PR Friendly" button for my blog - does anyone know a place that I can get that done by chance?  I am also going to be revamping my blog completely very soon as well - so if you know of any great designers - please let me know!

Have a wonderful (and dry, sunny, warm) day and thanks for stopping by.  :o)

Lots of Love and Hugs,

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  1. Hi do you mean a print friendly button? lol I don't know what a PR button is but sounds like your boy is very smart. Thanks for the well wishes :)


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