Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy TGIF!!!!

Welcome to it's FINALLY FRIDAY my peeps!  So glad that you stopped by to say hi! :)  I personally am thrilled for it to be the weekend finally - how about you?  Thankfully, this week the 2 snowstorms they predicted completely bypassed us which was WONDERFUL news and we are due to even get into the 40's this weekend finally and the 50's next week - WOOT WOOT - that's a heat wave baby! HA!

So do you have special Valentine's Day weekend plans with your significant other/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend???  The hubster and I celebrated our Valentine's Day last weekend while we had some time alone together and had a nice dinner and lunch the next day.  This weekend, however, I am hoping that I can convince him to stay home and do some much needed home improvements as we are wanting to put our house on the market starting this Spring and we have some things to finish up in our "modernization" of this "old house".   If I'm able to get him to stay home and not want to go galavanting, then I will have before/after pictures for you sometime next week!

Well, have a wonderful day my lovelies and an even better weekend and thanks so much for stopping by to say hello!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Hilarious cat! Hope you get lots done around the house this weekend. Enjoy the "warmth"! :)

  2. We're supposed to get up to the low 60's this week! WOO HOO! Ready for spring!

    Can't wait to see your improvements!

  3. Good luck with the work around the house!
    We are getting temps of 70+ next week!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    Come home and enjoy it.

  4. Hilarious cat!! haha!

    Hope you have a warm an relaxing weekend!

    B xoxo


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