Monday, February 14, 2011

Before and In Progress

Happy Valentine's Day guys and dolls!  How are you? How was your weekend?  Do anything special with your significant other to celebrate early for today's big day?  We didn't do a lot except went to dinner and lunch last weekend and then exchanged cards and enjoyed some nice chocolate chip cookies that my husband surprised me with on Saturday night.  I know, good for my diet, right? LOL

Anyway, we also did a LOT of work throughout the weekend around our humble abode.  Remember I told you on Friday that I hoped to tackle our hallway that leads to our garage/basement downstairs this weekend?  Well... we did and actually got a lot accomplished.  However, it was more work than I had planned and I'm still not through. 
Before: (this leads downstairs to garage)
Handy work of previous owners - and this was after we torn down all of the 3 different wallpapers that was up there on top of this ugly red paint: 

Behind door:
Horrible ceiling that still needs stripped and painted along with a new light fixture:
Behind door:
This is also the previous owner's handywork - nice, huh?!  (We bought a new door to
hang and hope to get it done by next weekend as well)
After my husband had painted and not been able to do a good job due to the horribly old walls in this house, we decided to put up beadboard (my idea) which turned into a big fat FAIL.  So... after our 2nd trip to Home Depot, we decided we were going to have to bite the bullet and wallpaper the area instead to hide all of the wall's imperfections.  Sooo... here it is as of now after working on it all weekend:
That is textured wallpaper that we decided to go with.  And it's also paintable - SCORE!!! The hardest part has been wallpapering this all by myself - husband had other chores on his "honey do" list.  Talk about a CHALLENGE.  *sigh*  So next weekend I will be painting the wallpaper and then I will tackle the ceiling as well.  The other thing you can't really tell about this is that due to the stairs being the way they are and the angle of the "hallway" it makes it very difficult to reach every place that we need to - so we are still trying to figure that part out.  That is another reason that this "tiny" room didn't get completed.  After I have it finished I am turning it into a small mudroom since this is the room we use to get in and out of the house each day/night.  It's just easier to go in and out of our garage. 

Anyway, that is the before and in progress pictures I promised to share.  Any help and advice for tight, small, tall and angled spaces would be welcome.  I can't wait to get this room finished and completed and show you the "after" pictures.  Hopefully, that will be something I can get done next weekend once and for all. 

Happy Valentine's Day and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :) 

Lots of love and hugs,

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  1. Looks like tons of work!! I bet it will look great when it's done. Have a wonderful day.


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