Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Weekend Projects - Before, Durings and After

Happy Tuesday my friends! How are you?  Great, I hope! I wanted to show you the 3 projects that I got completed this weekend (hard to believe I got so much accomplished considering how late I slept in each day - ha!)  Anyway, I hope you enjoy them:

Before (measuring everything out - this board is one that the hubby
took down out of my closet so I had it laying around and it was
 the perfect size for the top of the bench for added support):
During(making sure it all fits before "hot gluing" everything down)
The After (I velcroed it to the top of the chest):
You can go {here} to see the actual "before, before" when I first picked it up off the side of the road!

 This is a lamp I had in my summer decor last year and decided to transform to be used in my daughter's room:
 During: (wrapping the lamp - there are so many tutorials out in the bloggy world)
 The after:  (and this almost turned into a big fat fail thanks to the fact that when I went to put it all back together I had somehow turned the lampshade upside down which meant that the beautiful red satin rose that I put on for that added pop of color had to be on the bottom instead because once it was glued down it refused to come off!) (sigh)  This was a first for me to ever do, so it didn't turn out perfect, which is why I won't be doing any tutorials on this particular project! HA!
And the final project of the weekend was this ugly built-in bookshelf in my living room:
It looks SO much better, right?! :)  It took me 4 hours to do the darn thing which was crazy! I didn't think it would take long at all to knock it right out - but, boy was I ever wrong! Oh well.. the after result is so worth it to me! What do you think? :)

Well, I hate to run but it's that time again so I better get my booty moving.  I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by to say hello.  I promise to get caught up on your blogs soon - but this week at work (yes, I know it's only been 1 day) is already turning out to be another week from H-e-double hockey sticks. *sigh*

 Lots of love and hugs,


  1. OH MY GRACIOUS! The bench looks great! The lampshade looks good too, even with the flower on the bottom. It looks fabulous, but the bookcase? GORGEOUS! I LOVE IT! Girl, I HATE to paint, but it is so worth it, isn't it? That looks so good!!!!

  2. i love it all, you've been busy! such a difference fabric makes. thanks for sharing this at my party!


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