Friday, July 15, 2011


Thank you for the wonderfully sweet and thoughtful comments you left for me yesterday.  You don't know how much I appreciate all of you.  I know this is something that "shall too pass" eventually but going through it right now makes life pretty rough - that's for sure.  But I am forever grateful for your love and support you've shown me and promise to be back to myself soon (I hope).

Anyway - tomorrow I am going to see this man:
He is my last remaining grandparent and he is in an assisted living home in Jonesboro.  He also has Alzheimers and probably will not remember me this year.  This picture was taken last April when we went home for the kid's spring break.  Out of me, the kids and my husband, it was only me he remembered then.  I'm very sad to go see him.  Don't get me wrong - I WANT to see him - but the fact that he may not remember me really makes me extremely sad and will just add to the stress I'm already under and the sadness.  But, due to his Alzheimers we don't know how long he has and I want to see him every chance I can get.  He lives 3 hours away from where we are.  He scared my aunt (his daughter) to death last week when he wandered out of the home and she found him 5 blocks away and he had no idea where he was or what he was doing.  I was furious because it is the home's responsibility to make sure things like THAT don't happen! UGH! 

Anway, that is about all that's on my agenda for the weekend.  What about you?  What are your weekend plans?  Anything fun and exciting?  Well, I promise to have pictures from the weekend visit on Monday to share with you.  I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed day and an even better weekend.  Thanks for stopping by!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I get to go shopping in Seattle this weekend while the rest of the family is at a Mariner's game. Very excited! I hope your visit goes well - maybe you will be lucky and he will have a moment of clarity when you are there.

  2. have a wonderful weekend my dear friend, and enjoy the time with grandpa, cherish the moments.


  3. Awww, hugs. I hope the visit goes well.

  4. so precious moments! love the picture with your grandpa.

    have a beautiful weekend, my friend!

    hugs to you,
    betty xoxoxo
    missed you.


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