Friday, August 14, 2015

T G I F!!!!

Happy TGIF my peeps!  I don't know about ya'll, but man am I glad it is FINALLY FRIDAY!! Sheesh, talk about a longggg week - it has been nuts to say the least! I work in the banking business now and we have booked more loans this week at one time than we have in the 10 months I have been working there.  I am pooped for sure and ready for a break!  This is how NUTS it has been lately at work and home:

So do you have any big weekend plans?  Maybe you have small children who are starting back to school on Monday or maybe started today or earlier this week?  Our school here isn't starting back until the 24th, which seems really late to me.  Oh well, my children are grown and one is in college and the other is married, pregnant and works full time.  

That's right... I'm going to be a grandmother!!!!  My grandson is due in November around Thanksgiving this year and I can NOT wait.  Talk about a wonderful blessing.  With any luck, he will be born on his mommy's birthday.  She was also a born around Thanksgiving baby too.  Here is a picture of my sweet girl and her baby boy to be:

Isn't she beautiful!? Of course, I could just be biased, but I still think she makes a beautiful mommy to be and not just because she's my baby. :)  I can't wait to update you as the next few months transpire.  She just got her baby bed up a few days ago in their room (oh.... I forgot to mention she and her husband are currently staying with us for a while here in Texas too - WOO HOO - SO happy!!) and she is even more excited now that the baby bed is up and things are starting to come together.

Anyway, I hope all of you have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend.  I hope after this week that I can catch up on your blogs even more.  I'm slowly getting back into blogging - I have missed it and all of you so much and it's so great to be back!! 

Happy TGIF my peeps and thanks for stopping by!  Please let me know you were here. :)  And just one more picture for good measure:

Lots of love and hugs,

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