Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday Favorites - Christmas in New York

Whoop Whoop, we made it to Friday little darlins!!!   This has been THE LONGEST WEEK EVER to me. Can you tell I'm ready for the weekend? LOL Anyway, today is the Friday Fave with these lovely ladies, so gather your favorties and join in!

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(1) Rockefeller Center. It is absolutely breathtaking this time of year. It was always one of my most favorite spots to see at night time.

I loved these snowflakes - they blinked on and off to the Christmas music

Bringing in the Tree.  Trust me when I say - it is MUCH LARGER than it looks on tv. But it is so neat to watch them bring it in on the trailer and then start setting it all up.  It is a production in itself!

 Ice Rink.  Though I never did skate there during my 4 years of working next to it (thanks to my bad knees) - I always loved watching everyone else skate when I was on lunch or in the City at night:

 (2)  Ornaments around the City. I used to pass these every day when I walked to my office and just thought they were so neat:

You can see how tall these are just by looking at the people walking past them.  They were HUGE!

(3)  Radio City Music Hall.  It was definitely a show stopper and one to never miss.  I passed this every day as well and actually walked through the building (to warm up) on my way to the office in the mornings.

Miracle on 34th - I loved seeing this sign during the Holidays on the Macy's building.  And if you've never been there they had the neatest store.  Their escalator was made of wood which literally creaked as you rode up it.

 And of course, there is Cartier, which was also across from my office.  I never shopped there, however, thanks to their extremely HIGH prices - ACK!!!

(4)  Window Decorations. Ya'll, there is literally NOTHING like the windows the designers produce at Christmas time.  When I say people line up down the street and around the building, I am NOT joking and the line goes on for hours and hours:  

(5)  And of course, what is NYC without their famous FAO Schwarz Toy Store, am I right?! It was SO cool inside.  

And who can forget the "BIG" Piano? (Are ya'll old enough to remember this famous Tom Hanks movie? I LOVED it and the Piano really is "BIG" ya'll and you CAN actually walk on it and "play" it:

So... there you have it - my Friday Favorites this week. As you can tell, I was very fond of NYC at Christmas time and am dying to go back - though ONLY at Christmas because it truly is magical during this time of the year.  Tell me, have you ever been to NYC at Christmas?

Thanks for stopping by to say hello.  Have a fabulous day and weekend!  :)

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I saw your comment on my blog about my husband's birthday gift, but you dont have an email attached to your account, so I couldn't write you back directly.
    I got him the ManCrate ( have TONS of crates to choose from with varying price ranges. My husband seriously loved it, and I think a lot of guys would too! Hope that helps!!

    1. Perfect - thank you SO much, Jenn! I can't wait! :)

  2. such great pictures. There is nothing like NYC during Christmas. I love walking around looking at all the holiday decorations.

  3. I would love to see Rockefellar at Christmas inperosn one day!

  4. Love it all. I'd love to see NY at Christmas. Military Husband isn't big on us going up there right now with all the terrorist alerts. But he's from up there, so maybe one day.

  5. I've never been to NYC at Christmas time but it is definitely on my bucket list! Big cities are just so magical during the holidays :)


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