Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekending Fun

Happy Monday sweet friends! How was your weekend? Awesome, I hope! Mine was great but went by way too fast as usual.  I am going to be needing a LOT of this today (I'm not sure of the source, but if you know, please let me know so that I can give them credit):

I have so much still to do, and just not enough time to get it done. Anyway, here is what our weekend consisted of:

Friday night, we didn't do a lot, other than come home, go across the street to our neighbors and have a glass of wine first before coming home to start working on our normal weekend chores like laundry and catching up on our dvr shows and just relaxing

Saturday morning we were up extra early (don't ask me why, however) and hubby started running a few errands, while I began my normal annual baking day and of course, I had to start it off with coffee in my favorite Christmas mug:

Then my counter started looking like this:

And out come some special gifts for some special people in our lives:

After an almost all day baking event (though, this isn't anywhere close to everything I made), hubby and I cleaned up and went to the mall to do some more Christmas shopping and grabbed an early dinner at Cheddar's.  Afterwards, it started off with a little something like this: (however, I wasn't really impressed to be honest)

Then we basically just headed to bed to watch some Christmas movies and relax before starting a new day. Poor hubby had to work all day Sunday, so this is what my day consisted of: (what, doesn't your kitchen always look like a tornado hit it when you are baking) :) 

Day 2 - Round 1

Treats for co-workers:

Wrapping more gifts: (just keeping it real)

My mommy's gift:

 Then I took a break for some more of this after another full hard day of baking:

Then Sunday night hubby was still working, so after cleaning up my huge mess in the kitchen, I went and showered and then laid down for the night to rent a movie that I have truly only watched once in my lifetime (many blue moons ago) and hated the first time, mainly because I don't like the actor, but decided to give it another shot since my friends and family all call me scrooge since I've stated my disdain for it:


Yep, the movie, Elf.  What about you? Are you one of the millions upon zillions of peeps who like this movie too? I have to admit after watching it this time around, it wasn't as awful  bad and I saw some a few funny parts, but it's still not one I'd like to add to my collection.  After that hour and a half, I decided to turn it to something more up my ally, like this:

Ah yes, Mr. Buble himself! I LOVE him and his voice - Oh my word but does he make my heart aflutter - LOL He reminds me SO much of Frank Sinatra when he sings and I could literally listen to him  :)

So that was my quick weekend recap - what about you? What did you do this weekend? Anything fun and exciting by chance? Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous Monday.  I'm off to get ready for another fun filled day of tons of meetings at the office today - yay me - blah 

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  1. Love your Christmas mug! We are having a baking night this week and I am so excited!

  2. Oh those cookies look so good.

  3. Saturday was baking day for me too! I got up at like 5AM so I could get to the post office by 2pm to send off goodies to the ppl we won't see in person. Also, I'm totally not an ELF super fan either. It's grown on me over the years, but it's just ok. I have plenty of other Christmas movies that are much better to me


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