Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday my sweet friends! How are you? Are you like me and THRILLED that today is FINALLY Friday??!!! Sheesh, I am, that's for sure! It has already been one of THOSE weeks and next week is already shaping up to be a week from you know what and I am completely dreading it like you have no idea.  It's kind of like this: is Friday Favorites link up so come play along if you'd like.  You can link up here, here, here or here.  

These are my absolute favorite things this week.  No matter how bad of a day I have, these two sweet babies always make me smile and make my heart melt. :)  

Watching our tv show - LOL

See, how much they love each other:

Watching daddy: 

My sweet and special boy, Beaux wanting some one on one with mommy: 

I love to see them sleep like this: 

Cue the awwww:

So there you go - my favorites for the week! What about you? What are your favorites? Thanks for stopping by to say hi and have an absolute wonderful weekend! See you on the flipside! :)

Lots of love and hugs,


Sweet Love From My Friends