Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy TGIF and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Happy Friday and Happy St. Patty's Day my friends! What do you have on your weekend plans? Anything special? Maybe a green beer this weekend, or maybe watching pro basketball or having a big St. Patrick's Day party? Well, whatever it is, hopefully, the weather will be perfect wherever you are. :)

Hubby and I have a wedding to go to on Saturday afternoon out of town.  It is my best friend's son, who is getting married.  Our daughter and he grew up together and have remained close all this time, so my daughter and her hubby are coming back to town tonight with not 1 but 2 of our grandsons and we couldn't be more excited.  Luckily, they only live about 3 hours away now so that makes it nice for all of us. 

Here is me and the lucky groom to be.  I can't believe he's so grown up already and getting married! Look how much taller than me he is - LOL

And here is our daughter and Kramer at their Senior Prom.  Not only is it weird that he is grown and getting married, but my daughter is 4 months younger than him and already married with a family of her own - that is TOO weird to me! I can't believe out fast these kids have grown up already:

Speaking of grandsons - this little stinker turned one last November! Talk about time passing fast!

Here is grandson number 2, Toby who is now 4 years old:

And while we are on the subject of grandson's - meet our third grandson, EJ. He is now 5! My daughter's husband was previously married, hence the other 2 boys. :)

Well, this post wasn't supposed to turn into a post about my 3 grandsons, but somehow it did anyway - sorry about that! LOL  Like I said, I have a lot to fill you in on to catch up with all of you.  I truly cannot believe it has literally been a year since my last blog post. 

Whatever your plans are for the weekend ahead, I hope you have a fantastic one with your family and/or friends and can't wait to see how you spent it! Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello and please let me know you were here so I can stop by to say hi on your blog as well. :)

And because it IS finally Friday AND St. Patrick's Day, here's one last picture to send you into a fun weekend ahead! :)


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