Monday, March 20, 2017

Weekend Update and Life Update #1

Happy Happy Monday Ya'll! I hope you had a fab fab weekend - we sure did! 2 of my 3 grandsons and my son-in-law and daughter came to visit again this weekend and we went to the wedding of my best friend's son and then relaxed at home the rest of the time, which was wonderful! I got a lot of time with my grandbabies and daughter and son-in-law, which is always wonderful in my book! :)

Okay, so on to life Update. #1 from this past year.  Since my last post was in March of last year when I began my new job, I'm not going to go back to January and start over.  However, I will start here in February where everything changed and we will go from there.

February 12th - The bank I worked for in Kingwood, Texas decided after a year and a half, that they were doing away with my position completely, therefor leaving me without a job  However, out of the "kindness" of their hearts and because everyone loved me so much that they were going to give me 6 weeks to find a job (mighty nice of them, right?! - BLAH) Anyway, that gave me the excuse I needed to start searching for a job back home in Arkansas because both hubby and I wanted to move back to Arkansas anyway.  Needless to say, it was still a kick in the gut and I felt like I got screwed, but it was absolutely the best thing that could have ever happened.  That same weekend of the 12th, hubby and I already were leaving that day for a weekend back home anyway, so we left early that day and headed home for a fun relaxing time with my mommy and our friends.  Once we got back to Texas is when the job search started happening in full force.  Luckily, I had NO luck in Texas and ALL kinds of luck in Arkansas.  Everything that seemed to be happening at that time included 2 promotions that would take us to Oregon and even San Antonio, Texas that fell through for my husband, as did 2 different houses that we were looking to buy at that same time.  I told my husband that everything which continued happening just meant we were no longer meant to be in Texas but were meant to be back home in Arkansas and that's exactly how it played out.

February 29th - I had 2 separate interviews with 2 different companies.  One was a law firm and one was a bank.  That Friday before I spoke to my supervisor and informed her that I had several interviews lined up for that day and needed the entire day off and she readily agreed (after all, they told me to interview as often as I could) but I didn't inform her that it just happened to be in Arkansas - it was none of their business as far as I was concerned.  Anywho, I had the two interviews, had lunch with my besties and then headed back to Texas.  During both interviews, I was basically told they weren't really looking to hire anytime soon but wanted to meet me because of my wonderful resume. As you can imagine, the wind was knocked out of my sails, but I kept a positive attitude and just kept on moving.  I knew if it was meant to be for us to move back to Arkansas that it would happen eventually. Well, 3 days later, I not only received ONE offer but TWO! One from each of the places that I had interviewed the few days before.

I said yes to the first offer because I hadn't heard back from the 2nd interviewer yet.  But, deep down I really wanted the job with the bank and not the law firm - it just felt right.  Well, 2 hours later, the bank called and offered me the job and paid the same amount the first company was going to do, so I jumped on it and then had to call and decline the first offer.  The next exciting part was that they BOTH wanted me the very next week - March 9th!  Now mind you, this was the Thursday before. However, I wasn't worried because I was told by the bank I was currently working for that I didn't have to give any type of notice. But let me tell you this - the boss man's mouth completely dropped open when I told him I had to be there the next week and was giving my notice that day because I had to go home and start packing and moving back home to Arkansas that very weekend.  HA! It.was.priceless!!!!!

Next, I called my husband and then turned in all of my stuff and hightailed it home to start packing. Talk about a whirlwind! Luckily for us I have a wonderful brother-in-law who owns a home in the Little Rock area and had plenty of room for me to come stay until hubby could get a job in Arkansas so we could buy a house. So the next day, we loaded up the trailer and truck and we headed to Arkansas.

Okay, that's enough for now. I will finish the month of February tomorrow and maybe start on March as well.  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by to say hello!



  1. Im glad things are going they are supposed to go! I will be more glad however, if all your desires are fulfilled :)
    With love and luck :)

  2. I'm so very happy for you! <3 I hope that you are loving your new job! :)

    Amy @


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