Friday, December 11, 2009

The 12 days of Christmas Giveaway!

RUN - don't walk - and go check out KS's blog over at "While We Were Waiting" and be sure to register for the AWESOMEIST (hey - it's a word - even if I did just make it up) giveaway E.V.A.H.!!!!  Here are the details:

One lucky winner will receieve TWELVE Christmas presents from KS.... so starting the day after Christmas, someone will receive ONE present in the mail each day for TWELVE days.

Have I peaked your interest?  Ready to Enter?

You'll have LOTS of chances to...Starting today, and for the next TWELVE days!

RUN don't walk - (unless, of course, you want to let ME win these spectacular gifts then I would just LOVE you FOEVAH)!!! :o) 

Good luck! (Not that you will win cause I'm gonna snatch them all up for myself!) hee hee hee :o)


  1. U r way to funny:) I hope you win...


  2. You crack me up... I love this. So awesome of you to post about it :)
    I will cross my fingers for you to win... there are some fun goodies for sure! And who doesn't love to open presents?!?!?
    Happy weekend!


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