Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a New York City Christmas

HAPPY FRIDAY one and all - we have finally made it to the weekend - THANK GOODNESS!  I didn't think we'd ever get through this long ass week - it's been too much!  So what are your big plans for the weekend?  We don't have much planned other than gathering up the rest of our donations to take to Good Will and then do a little bit of shopping and hopefully finalizing the rest of our Christmas shopping.  I only have 3 gifts left to finish and that is for my 3 bosses.  YAY!!!  (Okay - so you can tell it's been a looooonnnggg week when I set my coffee pot this morning to produce coffee and I come down wondering why I can't smell a good cup of coffee brewing only to find out that I forgot to put the coffee in last night and so it brewed a full pot of hot water instead - *sigh*

So... here are the pictures I took in the City on Wednesday before the big tree lighting ceremony.  I went through the city by Rockefeller Center and just snapped away - hope you enjoy them!  Some of them are good and others not so good - but here they are - and they are during the daytime too - so I will have to get the night ones next week when I have my family in from out of state and stay after work to spend some time with them. (warning - picture overload)

We will start with the tree before it is lit that evening:

This is the star up close on top of the tree:

Close-up of the Cartier Building across from my office - I LOVE this bow and you can't really tell but the lights are all sparkly on the bow

Wreath across from my office:

Pictures of Juicy Coutoure's windows:

Saks 5th Avenue building - before the snowflakes were lit and started blinking to the beat of Christmas music:

The angels in Rockefeller Center before their lights were turned on:

One of the stages being set for the performers that evening:

Close-up of the Rockefeller Ring:

Oh and this HOTTIE here - he is even CUTER in person than on his tv show - Chuck - do any of you watch that show by chance?  It is a favorite of mine and my hubby's and we can't wait for it to come back in January.  Right after I snapped this picture he smiled an even bigger smile and waved - I was sad I didn't capture that instead! The funny thing is - he's just a baby - he's ONLY 29 years old!  I wanted so badly to get his autograph or a picture with him but didn't get the chance - he was rehearsing for the show. But he is some serious EYE CANDY for sure! Ohhh la la!!!

Picture of the snowman from the Anthropologie store:

One of many Nutcrackers on 6th Avenue:

Last but not least: The huge Christmas ornament display also on 6th Avenue:

Well that concludes our tour of the day.  I hope you enjoyed the show and I hope you all have a wonderful and glorious blessed weekend. 

Big hugs to all of you my lovies!
Trac~ :o)


  1. I love your pictures (especially the eye candy!). Hopefully one of these years we can make it to NY during Christmas.

    No big plans for us this weekend. My daughter's getting sick again. Maybe we'll stay in and finish decorating.

  2. Your pictures are so fun!! Even a celebrity shot!! :) I am not up to much this weekend - I am sick. I am HOPING to get some Christmas shopping done though. Happy Friday!

  3. Your pictures turned out mcuh better than mine, but what could be more magical that the holidays in the city! Lovely!

  4. I loved all the pictures of the city ready for Christmas. I LOVE CHUCK!!!!! I've been so bummed out that it hasn't been on. I'm counting the days too. I might even have to buy the DVD versions when they come out.

  5. oh sorry about the coffee, i would be crabby!the decorations are amazing, wow how awesome to live in a city with such beautiful decorations and famous people....if u ever see sarah jessica parker i want a pic;)

  6. I've never been to NYC, but I now know that if I do go there, I HAVE to go at Christmastime-it's so beautiful!

    I'm getting some shopping done and cutting down the tree this weekend! Woohoo!

  7. I saw the tree and decorations last year and I wanna go back. *stamps feet and cries*


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