Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Post It Note Tuesday

Well hello there! Hope you are having a wonderful day today!  We are expecting more snow overnight tonight and I am not too happy about it - I hope that they are wrong and our area will not get anymore on top of what we got over the weekend.  How is the weather where you live today?
Anywho - since today is Tuesday - you know what that means, right! RIGHT?  No... you don't?  Well, that means it is Stick it to the man Tuesday - and to find out all the rules - be sure to check out the details of Supah woman over at Adventures of a Wanna -Be Supah Mommy - you will not be disappointed - Supah is the BEST and a very talented, funny and giving woman and you will really enjoy her blog if you stop and smell the roses over there - trust me - I wouldn't steer ya wrong - promise! :o)

So, without further adieu - here are my infamous (or not) post-its for the week!

Well, there's my list - can't wait to see yours too!  Have a great day!

Hugs and kisses,
Trac~ ;o)


  1. Good ones and yes Christmas needs to slow down its approach.

    Love the last one. xx

  2. Great post-it's! I am sorry about Buddy but so glad he got a good new home to go to!

  3. Love your post-its! I'm sorry about your dog, but it's good to hear he's going to a good home.

  4. Yes! That last one cracked me up.

    So sorry about your puppy. I know how heartbreaking that must be.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love the glass of wine;)

  6. I can't wait for vacation either...Atlantic City here we come!

  7. We've been dumped with snow too.

    I am not amused.

  8. I'm sorry you have to get rid of your pup :(
    And we're getting TONS of snow too. By the end of it all, we're supposed to get 12 inches!! I am hoping for a few canceled finals!!
    Love your post its... so cute!

  9. Trac, Love the cartoons! No snow here.
    hugs hugs


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