Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!  How are you doing today?  I hope you are all doing well.  We are doing MUCH better today than we were at this time yesterday for sure.  My husband caught the stomach flu bug and became dehydrated yesterday.  He was vomiting and having severe diarreah for 7 hours straight and called me at work to BEG me to take him to the ER - which was a HUGE red flag for me as he NEVER wants to go to the dr. much less the ER - so that's when I knew he was in really BAD shape!  The bad thing is that this all hit him at 10 a.m. while he was at work in the airport and he had to drive himself home - which is an hour away.  Not only that - he had to pull over a few times to throw up - good thing he had thought to take a trashcan with him in the car from the office before he left.  Since I work in the City I couldn't get home in time to take him to the ER when he needed to go, so I had to call my girlfriend and have her take him for me and me just meet them at the emergency room.  Thank goodness for great friends is all I can say.  They were a real LIFESAVER yesterday in our time of need.

Once we got there, we were there for 5 1/2 hours before they let us go home.  The dr. ordered 2 of the drip bags but for some reason they only gave him 1 1/4 before they decided to send him home.  He was not happy as he still had a huge headache from being dehydrated and didn't feel like he was ready to go home, but home we went.  I had his prescription filled, got him some gatorade and jello and headed home to tuck him into bed.  Needless to say, due to his headache we were up most of the night last night and got very little rest.  I stayed home with him today because he didn't have much energy and was still hurting pretty bad and light headed so I wanted to be sure he was okay before I leave him alone and return to work tomorrow.

Anyway, so that was how our Monday went - how was your day yesterday? I hope it was much better than ours.  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

Lots of love and hugs,
Trac- :o)


  1. What a good wife you are =)

    I'm so sad that your hubs is sick! Garrett had the swine flu so I feel your pain!!

  2. wow, now thats a monday and a half.....I hope your tuesday is better;)

    hope the hubs and all of you are better and the sick thing is far behind you.


  3. I hope you all are feeling better!!!

    Have you been getting my emails? Or the email from your SWAP partner?


  4. Oh, I am so sorry you had to go to the ER! How horrible that he got SO sick! I hope he is feeling better today!!

  5. Ewww...That sounds terrible:( Hope he feels better soon!

  6. that is horrible. I had a pretty good Monday after hearing yours. Hope hubby gets on his feet soon.


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