Monday, February 8, 2010

Slowly Getting Back to Normal

Hello my wonderful friends!  I hope you are all doing well.  I have missed you guys so much!  I have been so sick that I almost ended up in the emergency room on Saturday morning due to vomiting severely and running fever, etc.   However, I was able to wait until later in the morning and make it to the doctor's office.  I have a severe sinus infection with fluid on my ears and have been very very miserable to say the least.  I've not been able to breathe, had tons of coughing that had my chest burning and hurting due to all of the congestion in my lungs and it took a full 48 hours for my medicine to finally kick in.  I've just now started to feel better but decided to stay home one more full day to get even more rest before going back to work in order to avoid a relapse. 

On another note - I was SO happy and excited for the New Orleans Saints last night and their HUGE Superbowl win.  I was happy they made it to the Superbowl as that was the first time ever and was really hoping for a huge win and they pulled it off.  It was a great and exciting game with a lot of touch and go for sure.  Being from the South and loving the SEC, they did us VERY proud to say the least!  I couldn't be happier if it were the Arkansas Razorbacks in the championship - though I know that wouldn't happen since they are a college team and not a pro team.  But, nonetheless, we are extremely proud!  And I know that my friend, Summer over at B is for Brown is over the moon ecstatic since she is a true blooded Saint even though she has been transplanted to New York.  "WHO DAT"!
And some more exciting news - I was part of Summer's I Choo Choo Choose You Valentine's Swap and received my package on Saturday from the wonderful and lovely Alicia at It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy.  If you haven't been to her blog yet, please go check her out.  She is such a wonderfully funny person who makes me laugh every day when I read her blog.  Here is my bag of goodies that she sent me:  2 boxes of Chocolate covered raisins (my son ate one box already - he stole them when I wasn't looking - the little turd - HA), some really cute and neat wine tags for wine glasses, 2 adorable wine bottle toppers, a cute sweetie notepad, 2 tootise roll pops and an adorable and sweet card:
So, thank you, Alicia - I loved my gift and you are the BESTEST Valentine evah!  P.S  And I still love ya even if you are a COLTS fan! Sorry that your team lost last night, but SO happy that the Saints won! hee hee hee

Well, I guess that's all for today.  I will be getting a lot of rest today and taking my medicine like a good girl so that I can make it back to work tomorrow, and will be catching up on all of your blogs.  Thanks again for sticking with me and for all of your sweet comments last week and get well wishes.  You guys are the BEST and I love each and every one of you!   Have a great Monday!

Lots of love and kisses,


  1. wasn't the game awesome!! I loved it at the end when Brees was holding his baby...soooo sweet!! :)

  2. Im glad u r better...the blog world isnt the same without you;)

  3. I can't wait to get my Choo Choo VDay Exchange goodies!! Yours look fabulous!!
    Sorry you've been so under the weather :(

    But... GEAUX SAINTS! So happy to see them win!

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  5. So sorry to hear you have been so sick! I hope the worste is behind you and that the fleur de lis victory helped to put you in good spirits!

  6. oh lady, i really hope you're feeling 100% soon! i'm glad that you liked your valentine's!! i had a blast shopping for you!! and my poor colts...but i'm happy for your saints! have a great week hun!!

  7. Oh Trac I'm sooo sorry to hear you 've been so sick.
    Glad you're feeling better, sweetie.
    Missed you !!!!
    Betty xx :O)

  8. Hope you feel better soon...I'm still pretty sick and had to miss work today...

  9. What a great game!

    Sorry you have been soooo sick! :(

  10. I hope you are feeling better soon... nice package.

  11. I'm behind, so I hope that you are feeling better now. I love the picture of Drew's son trying to catch the falling sparkly stuff.


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