Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday

Here is what it looks like at our house today:

And it is still coming down! I would have taken a picture of it at my house but I still have my lazy butt in bed and enjoying relaxing instead.  We are due to get a total of 12-18" at our house today so I am staying inside where it is warm.  But, I will have snow pictures to show you of our yard/house at a later time. :o)  Hope you are all having a great day and staying warm wherever you are.

Lots of love and kisses,


  1. Snow is beautiful but just wish it would snow somewhere else

  2. its a freaking blizzard here too...;(

  3. So pretty, but you are sure getting dumped on with the snow! :)

  4. Gorgeous picture. It looks so peaceful. And yes, I'm trying my best to stay warm.

  5. Trac, I just nominated you for an award!. Plese check out my site.
    B. xx

  6. Hi dear friend Tracy! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day, full of joy and happiness!♥!

  7. Lovely. I'm staying warm, but I'm also tired of being in the house for the last 15 days.

  8. That picture is so pretty-- I wish we had some "real" snow around. Our last "storm" proved to be nothing but slush. It's icky out! If I have to deal with winter, I might as well have some beautiful scenery!

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