Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday my peeps!  We finally  made it to the weekend - WHEW!  I wasn't sure if it would ever get here - were you?! LOL  So what have you got planned this weekend?  Anything fun and exciting?  We have to go back to Connecticut and pick up our daughter who has been spending the week with her best friend there for one last summer hoo rah (sp?).  Then since we still own a house there (a rental one) then we have to do some clean-up work around the yard and get things in order because I think we are finally going to put it on the market to sell.  Yes, I know this is not the best time to do so, but to be quite honest, we are just tired of having this house there - we now own 3 houses in 3 different states - talk about rough to keep up with! Sheesh!   However, due to my knee being in such pain, I get "lucky" and get out of the work and get to do the grocery shopping and such while the hubster, daughter and son are doing all of the hard labor - awww.... :o)  So what are on your agenda's for the weekend? 

Anyway, next week stay tuned and be on the lookout for new household tips to be shared. With back to school starting back for most everyone (except us - we don't go back until September 2nd),  I wanted to share some household tips to make things easier on you while your schedule gets busier and busier with school back in session.  Hopefully, they will be ones you can appreciate and put to good use to make your life easier. :o)

On to the funnies!  Here are a couple of my favorite comic strips - what are yours?  (Click on the pictures to make them larger so you can read)

This one really made me LOL because of the modern technology we have nowadays and when it comes to blogging - we all use some sort of program (well those who are talented do - I'm not one of them though - HA) to edit our pictures and such before putting them on our blog. And it seems I am always on the lookout for some kind of picture editing site that is fun and easy to use.  Though, I must admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at everyone else's family photos - vacation, holidays, everyday life, etc....

I absolutely LOVE the Peanuts comic strips and all things Peanuts related.  This one just cracked me up today! 

So what are some of your favorite comic strips?  I'd love to see what kind of things you enjoy reading in the Sunday comics!  Have a great day and a great weekend my friends and thanks for stopping by to say hello.

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. Too funny. Did you hear that Cathy is ending it's run pretty soon? I remember reading that when I was a kid.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Have a joy filled weekend my friend

    Steven Anthony
    Man Dish~ Metro Style

  3. Thanks for taking me back to my childhood - as a girl i loved Snoopy. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Too funny!
    Love Snoopy, my friend!

    Hope you have an awesome Sunday!

    Big big hugs!
    Love ya! Missed you much-ly!
    B xxxxx


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