Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation - Day 5 Continued..... (Warning... Picture Overload)

Happy Thursday my peeps!  Hope you're having a fantastic week so far!  Now... onto the final set of pictures from our trip.  I hope you enjoy them! :o)

After our trip to the spa and Margaritaville and Pier Park for a little shopping - we headed back to the condo to take pictures together and then went to the beach for some more pictures.   

Mommy and 4 of her grandbabies: 

Mommy and all the girls:
Mommy and her 3 kids: (Can you figure out who is the oldest of us 3 kids?)
Mom, Loyd and the Anderson clan:
The birthday girl and her hubby: 
Mommy's 3 babies:
The 3 babies and our families: 
Me and Loyd (who incidently was my boss for 4 years before he ever met my mommy) :o)
Me and my Honey:
The Men folk: 
Mommy and her 2 favorite girls: 
My two handsome men: 
Me and my girl: 
Me and my brother-in-law, Ben: 
Daddy and his girl: 
My two beautiful kiddos who really DO love each other - LOL 
Me and my newest niece, Kharma - isn't she adorable! :o) 
Me and my baby sister and my newest sister-in-law, Mimi: 
My two babies and Steven's brother, James and his beautiful wife, Nisa: 
Me and Nisa: 
Me and my handsome son, Michael: 

Okay - well I told you it was picture overload! LOL Sorry about that!  Also, I wanted to apologize for the horrible pictures of me without makeup.  I just didn't feel like wearing any the entire trip and it was SO nice not to have to worry with it.  The pictures may have turned out better if I had some on, but it was just one of those thangs!  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and be on the lookout soon for the recipes I promised you, along with a CSN store review of 2 products they sent me for Free to try out and also coming up soon are the pictures of my summer dining room setting and the newest pictures of my baby girl (that she took herself) that turned out adorable and make my heart break because she is almost grown. *sigh*

Have a wonderfully blessed day!  Only one more day until the weekend! WOOT WOOT!!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I think you look fine without makeup - didn't even really notice! The pictures turned out wonderful - how nice to have the opportunity to have everyone together for the photo op! And no, I'm not going to guess who is oldest - it's hard to tell!!! :)

  2. thats allot of pics, and allot of fun ;)

    Steven Anthony

  3. You all got some great pictures! You do have beautiful children - they are very photogenic. It's so neat that your mom's husband was your boss before they ever met each other. Fun story!

    Also, I'm not going to try to guess who's the oldest because I'm really terrible at such things (and I hope you'll tell us tomorrow), but I love that ruffled top you're wearing. So cute!


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