Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vacation - Day 4

Happy Tuesday my peeps! how are you?  How was your Monday?  Mine was good - I expected to have to work late last night but got lucky and got off work on time at 5 p.m. - WOOT WOOT!!  Before I get to day 4 of our trip - I forgot to show you the pictures from the day we went to the beach which was Sunday.  All I can tell you is how HORRIBLE the water was and how bad it stunk.  We think that due to the chemicals they are using to kill the oil in the gulf that it is creating tons of Algae and trust me when I say - it was NASTY!  See for yourself:  That is Algae - not oil (unless there is some oil mixed in - we weren't real sure) but it stunk so bad that you couldn't really walk on the beach without being grossed out. 

We had one day where there was a small clear spot that we could actually wade in (up to our ankles) for a little while, and that was nice - but that was about all.  This was the clearest the water was the entire time we were there.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at the pool.

Okay so on to day 4 of our trip: 

The day was Monday and it was the day we were due to get out on 2 pontoon boats and head to Shell Island and were really hoping for some gorgeous weather and crystal clear blue water.  Well... needless to say, it was beautiful and sunny up until noon - which is the time we had rented the boats for and that is when the Monsoon hit.  It literally came a downpour that lasted for hours and left us all sitting in the Condo watching tv and visiting.  This is also the day my baby sister had her accident and fell down the stairs.  So as you can imagine, the rest of the day was spent worrying about her while her husband took her to the Emergency room to have her tailbone and elbow checked out. 

Later that afternoon the rain cleared out and we had a bar-b-que at my brother's house.  Here are a few pictures from the party:

Playing Wii Dance:

3 handsome men - Mike, Steven and his brother, James 
My newest cute little niece, Kharma
My beautiful mommy and her husband, Loyd 

After we left the party and headed home and my sister was back home, we decided to celebrate my mom's and 2 nieces birthdays and my brother's graduation from college.  My brother's wife, Mimi, made the most.awesome.cake EVAH and it was SO good we couldn't stop eating it.  I totally forgot to get a picture of the inside layers once we cut into it but will get a recipe for you soon.  I will just have one post one day of nothing but the recipes we ate while on vacation - they are some very very good ones and ones that you will truly enjoy!  Here are the birthday party photos:


The beautiful and talented cake maker:
Ben, baby sister Kim and little brother, Rob after sister returned from hospital and was doped up:
The birthday girls and graduation boy blowing out their candles
Mommy showing off her birthday present - she was SO happy!  By the way, if anyone is interested, Angela over at Define Your Space Vinyl made this sign along with another sign for a wedding gift for me and did an AWESOME job and she was both patient and reasonable!  You should check her out if you are looking for one of a kind gifts such as this.  As you can tell by looking at my mom's face - she was thrilled with her gift as were the newlyweds! 

Well that concludes Day 4 of our vacation - stay tuned for tomorrow and our Spa Day!  Not to mention the story I have to tell you about my newest "profession" - LOL - trust me, you won't want to miss it!  Have a great day my friends and thanks for stopping by to say hello! :o)  P.S.  I don't know WHY Blogger has my spacing so out of whack but if anyone has any tricks to fix it please let me know - it's driving me CRAZY! HA!

Lots of love and hugs,


  1. I totally want to try Wii Dance... looks so much fun!!!

    You have a beautiful family :) You are quite the lucky lady!

  2. What a beautiful post - thanks for sharing such precious memories with us.

  3. That sucks that you weren't able to spend much time in the ocean. But still looks like you had a great time!!! XOXO

  4. Loved looking at all the smiles. Looks like you had a good time.

  5. Great time (except for the stinky ocean - yuck!!). I want some of that cake!!!! :)

  6. I really want to try Wii Dance. Looks like fun!

    That cake is beautiful! I can't wait to see the recipe.

    Oh, no, I'm disappointed to hear about the beach. I have a friend who lives in the area and she said there was a lot of algae, but I had no idea. I'm wondering if it will be like that when I go. I guess I'd better start planning some back-up activities just in case.

    Loved seeing all of your pictures - your mom looks so young and pretty!


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